Trying to get started!

Hoping someone can help me please !
I have fixed up my breadboard initially with a steer angle sensor attached to try and begin to understand how things work, as suggested on a desktop, before moving on.
two problems initially - first when I turn off the simulator and restart I just get the screen as per the screen shot below.


This happens even if I attach the gps input (ublox f9p with antenna) via usb and open the relevant port in agopen. Also, when the gps is opened up via relevant port, an nmea string appears when I connect but it is shown vertically as opposed to horizontally in Brian’s video. Presumably i’m doing something wrong!
Also if I try to do a boundary the program says ‘no gps source’ or similar?

Second thing is I cant find the .ino files for the Arduino to use, please?

Thank you for help in advance from a green, newbie!!


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