Turn Sensor behaviour in steer enable mode: switch

Using 5.7.2 udp nano. I have pressure-switch in baraki hydraulic valve and setting is; turn-sensor and count 1. If I use “switch” as steer enable mode, pressure switch doesn’t release valve except for a very short moment.

In button mode release works as expected.

What kind of steer switch do you actually have?

Sounds like you have pressure switch connected to the steer switch input.
You should try the remote input on pcb.

Steer-switch is simple Off-On type rocker switch, connected to pcb steer pins gnd and 0.
Pressure switch is NC type, connected to pcb remote pins gnd and 0.
Pcb is Kaupoimodv4.1

Steer-switch itself is working normally is both modes, switch or button. Only release doesn’t work when using switch mode in steer-enable.

It seems to me that the steer-enable mode affects the turn-sensor behaviour

He made a code change for this sensortype.
Maybe worth to try?

Its in autosteer.ino aprox line 334

You should not be using “Switch” switch mode is made for an electric motor that flops onto the steering wheel. (On when touching steering wheel, off when flipped away from steering wheel).

“Button” mode is what you want, press the button & release the steering will engage. Then if the remote pin is tripped the steering will disengage.

So if you change your on/off switch for a press button your problem will be fixed.


So this is a feature and not a bug. I had both switches and thought for a change I would try a switch type. I will use a button type Off-(On) switch.

Also , i have electric motor , when its on switch overcurent sensor does not shuts down steereng when i tri to take the steereng by force, but in button mode it forks fine.

Also have trouble getting turn sensor to work with hydraulic valve and pressure switch. Using 5.7.2 udp aio Teensy, latest INO.
Using a button-type steerswitch. In vehicle settings I have to set “Steer Switch Control” to “manual”, otherwise I have no steering at all.
Must say I never really understood how these switch settings relate to each other.

As info i modify the Ino to add a loop delai to disconnect the clutch mecanism with switch mode

the ACS catch the over current stop electric motor and servo disconnect the gear