UDP for F9P

I still ride the PCBV2. Now I want to connect the F9P via UDP. What’s the easiest way to do this? Teensy4.1?
The problem is also the GPS board and the steering box are not in the same place in the tractor. And i can’t change this.
Can someone help me?

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you can watch this post:

If I were in your shoes I would build a Panda board. It would move the F9P to UDP and also give you panda. You’ll need a teensy and bno085.

Where do we find the firmware for a Panda board? Maybe it’s me but I’m struggling to find it!

I uploaded my teensy with the autosteer_gps_teensy_v5_5. I found it in the support files> basic panda gps> firmware folders. Hope this is correct, I’m waiting on parts to arrive so I can test everything.

It’s under boards on Brian’s main git hub page

Developer Fun with AgOpenGPS “Ace” UDP Only.

What you are looking for is currently under development. It will allow greater board design freedom.

The V2 to Panda transition had stung me as I had just completed V2 installs but was extremely impressed by Panda’s results. Modular with UDP as a network, instead of just a connection makes very different boards easier to integrate and update over the long term.

Just have to ditch the USB cables. Other than a usb to ethernet adapter if required.