Underpowered steer motor

I’m experiencing a problem after coming back to agopengps for fertilizing this year where my steer motor appears to be really slow and utilizes no acceleration.
It’s fixed by powering down and unplugging the box.
Has anyone any idea what’s going on.
I’m on the version 6.2

12v or 24v?
Check power to Cytron and to motor for loose connections would be a start?

I can check connections but it’s not like it just stops working. It’ll go from holding the line to swaying either side.

ive had 24v converters do that for me if i don’t have a reliable 12v power source. unplugging converter and repowering fixes for awhile.

a weak battery or something with a voltage converter, I would check the voltage coming out of the converter

Checking the voltage at the same time as it had some load on it is probably important. It’s probably under supplying current more so than voltage