V4.1 Std Startup: Question about lock output and pressure sensor for Baraki valve

I’m getting very close to a working system, but still working through a few issues. I’m using the Baraki valve, and the v4.1 STD board.

  1. I’m not getting 12V out of the “Lock” output (pin 7) when auto steer is engaged so the relay for my 3/2 valves isn’t enabling. The board is seeing the steer switch status change, but I get nothing from the lock output. Am I missing a jumper somewhere? The “lock” output is a high-side drive output, correct? Do I need a free-wheel mod wire/jumper? I might probe around on Q9 next to see what’s happening.

  2. The Baraki valve I received has the 0-5V pressure sensor. I’m not clear from the schematics how to configure the board for that. Do I just install a 2-pin jumper (towards “pressure”) on the 3-pin header labeled “Remote/Pressure”? What’s the “0-20ma” 2-pin header for?

Full disclosure, I expected a pressure switch on the valve, so I wired my harness accordingly. I don’t have 5V to the pressure sensor yet, but was hoping to just bypass that for not so I could try autosteer. I’ll put aside my angst and wire up the 5V next. Maybe that’s causing me more harm than good.

Update: fixed issue #1. I was missing a fuse in my fancy wire harness for the supply to lock relay.

The 3/2 valves are getting enabled with the steer switch, and I’m getting power to the PWM solenoids. ~ 9 VDC @ PWM 180. Manual steering is locked out in auto steer mode (which is a good sign that the bypass valves are working).

However, I’m not getting any noticeable flow through the proportional solenoids to the steering cylinder. I can’t command the steering cylinder at all in auto steering mode. @baraki could this mean that somehow all my pressure relief setting is too low?

I’m still working on getting the pressure sensor wired up correctly

You know that there is a manual shuttle valve, on the valve block, that needs to be opened to work? It has a hex head, and we had to adjust it to turn the wheels. I think a sort of max steer valve, if I remember correctly.

Didn’t know that, though it seems obvious now that you mention it that it would have to be adjusted.

This one?

I think this is a pressure relief valve, #1 in Barakis schematic

I didn’t want to start tinkering with it until I knew exactly what I was doing

Yes I think, if I remember correctly.

I cranked that relief valve all the way in, and still no luck. I must be missing something. I’m going to post over in the active hydraulics thread, and hopefully get some more eyes on it.