V4 all-in-one PCB

Ive got the same aio as you. I meeded some jumpers on some pins at the front of the cytron to get mine to work.
Theres something wrong to melt wires like that but i had a bad experience with mine but i put it down to the wrong steer switch being used
Just wondering if theres some solder touching on them front 12v 24v pads.

I thought the same, but they are not touching, already checked that
In older pictures i uploaded you can see that they are not touching

3269 Phidgets motor:
Rated Current 2.2 A / Stall Current 10.8 A

Anybody know what size machine screws to attach the faceplate to the ampseal connector on micro board?

The ampseal connector uses 4x M2.5 self tapping screws. 10mm length if using the spacer, or 8mm if not using the spacer.


Thank you sir

Does anyone have F3D files for the micro enclosure? I’d like to embed some text labels for GPS/Radio antenna and importing the STL files is a big mess

Here’s a solidworks file

HammondFaceplate_v24.zip (298.6 KB)