V5.1.4 Release

Yes, it was always there :slight_smile:

Ya, there are a lot of little tricks - too many

This will be in 5.1.5

Thanks For doing this @KentStuff - so nice to copy and paste…


Abcurve isn’t shifting depending on the tool offset. (Tool offset is here 50 cm.) Though this works fine with abline. Is it hard to correct it in abcurve?

How can I run tinkerforge imu brick 2.0.
In version 4.3 it worked.

I’m test your version in simulation. I have a question . Is there a poster of the distance to the headland? Have a display 4m before with a count down to 0.
For auto turn, is it possible to leave the space of a machine between each pass and not roll against the pass already made?

thank you

Here you can choose how many passes auto-uturn will skip.

If you use uturn there is a info about distance to the starting point of uturn routine. Other way there is no info about distance to headland or boundary. I’m missing it sometimes, too.


1.- Distance to boundary
2.- Legs length
3.- Smooth entry and exit


Is 1 distance from tractor centre or tool edge?

with no use of uturn I miss sometimes the info about the distance to boundary.

the catch is you need uturn to know how far the boundary is away.

But i know what you mean, nice to have only the distance and not necessarily the uturn to follow

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The brick is not supported in v5 or the MMA or the DOGS2

Pivot point

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OK thank you

Cheers. The default 1m is a bit on the shy side then!:rofl:

As IMU I have to use BNO080 and CMPS14 or one of them is enough.

Just one.

You can also use the BNO085 - like the one from adafruit

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Personally I like the Adafruit things as the quality seems to be higher and more consistent.

is there a video showing how to download newest update ???

Short question, the P and I Values that can be adjusted, what will it exactly influence. Will it just affect how the Wheels (Red line) follows the green line. Or does it also something with the wheel angle calculation?
Video about PI tuning: