V5.1.4 Release

Finally !

Be sure to make new Vehicles. Using older vehicles may cause unforeseen issues.


Let’s have a try.

We need a bit of time to work on the ability to do reverse guidance. Time was focused on trying to make the rest work as well as possible.


great the reading of the pressure transducer to deactivate autoguiding is standard thank you :+1: :+1:

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Good stuff👍

Yes, oil pressure, counts, and current.

See, we actually listen :smile:

Be sure to unblock any downloaded zip files.



It works for 14 hours non-stop. 2 times failed. 1st fault motor turned in one direction. did not reverse it. 4 5 minutes rest, I turned the system on and off, it was all right. it was probably a motor drive fault. I am using an IBT-2 driver. The 2nd error thinks that it goes back while going forward, it made this error 2 times. There is MMA8451 on the v2 PCB. i guess v5 doesn’t use this sensor. I ordered the cmps14 sensor from aliexpres, but I haven’t received it yet.

the system is amazing. simply great. health to your hands. Even though there is no imu sensor, the margin of error is very low.


Press the Tractor in the middle of the screen next time

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What is your start speed set to as well as fix to fix distance? Without an imu, things can get pretty shaky.

the mistake of going back. I have read before. I did as you said. I am preparing soil. I don’t need too much precision for now. when I get the cmps14 sensor. I will start planting.

i never changed my starting speed. whatever is on the program

Pedal to the metal, this project is completely retooled from when I ordered my first parts from Digikey. You guys have been moving fast on the software side.

The UI looks great.

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Old beta vehicles could not be loaded - but now they can. So already an update!


You are great! My wife just grows a field for corn on beta 5 and when I know it, she holds the smartphone in her hand and browses the offers of various things for our house (we are doing a renovation) and I’m afraid that she will get lost and lead to the drainage ditch when the field ends …
It would be useful to have a function that would send a notification to the smartphone that the field is ending …


I did have that with Agrabot, it texted me when it was done lol.


Will the ino from 5.004 work?

Best is to upload new hex file with xloader

You can delete a field now in the open field picker.


Hello. great job and thanks to Brian and all the participants. I have taken a quick look and I do not know if I have lost in any part or I have not been able to find it, but I miss the connection diagram between cmps14 and the nano. And another thing: for those of us who use hydraulic valve, what function does the button called DANFOSS have? I mean the one that appears in the configuration section.

Great work to all developers! But what is the reason of hex files?