V5.1.4 Release

Been playing with the new version love it so far. Are you still taking feature requests? If so Id love to be able to hide almost all the buttons. This way for users who get overwhelmed I can leave just AGIO, Field, and Straight AB line buttons available to make it nearly impossible to get lost in sub menus. I am not able to turn the flag and AB line edit and Color selection buttons off the bottom row. New program is looking amazing !

If you look at the last submenu in Config, you can hide pretty much all the buttons.

Very confused as to what you are actually wanting for sentences, is it dual or single? PAOGI or not?

Or just GGA and VTG single?

Yes I found it thank you!

Hello Brian, my config is normally a dual Antenna so PAOGI would be the correct Sentence. But i wanted to find out how a Single Antenna System works with the New Sensor CMPS14! Thats why i have changed Sentence. When i activated PAOGI, AOG not recognizing the CMPS14.
Anyway it worked out lauter yesterday. I really have to say, both concepts works really well. I have compared it with same settings and same AB curves. PP works really well for both concepts, also tested up to 20 kmh.

Regards, Peter

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What has to be done to auto steer and section control Arduinos to make this version work?

Load the new ino’s from the support.zip, and do the settings in AOG. There is the machine ino there are well, but just make sure your relays are connected to what the pin designation is in the arduino code. Much like version 4, not much has changed.

If you used the mma or brick or bno055, that has been replaced with the bno080, 085 or the CMPS14. Lots of discussion on those here.

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In the KML writer in the SaveOpen.Desiger.cs about line 1770.

This needs to be added to the ABLine loop:


It builds the line points, but it does not ever write them to the file. They do not show up on Google Earth. Just an empty folder with names.

Hello, I did what you said, but there was no change, my goal is to see the path recorded in AOG in G Earth.

That was just to fix the ABLine so you could see it. I’ll build it for the recorded path and post it outside of this discussion, as it is not part of V5.

Edit: Here it is.

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Maybe a silly question but I couldn’t do it, what should I write where?

Trouble with Google Earth, is that it is not real, nor is it accurate. If you scroll through the years of photographs you can watch them shift. In 2004, my house is sitting nearly 100 meters to the west.

Now if you are wanting to import and export in and out of google earth, you need to have a reference point. That reference point will have an east and west component. Based on your picture and the assumption that north is 45 degrees, then the south component is equal to the west component and is cos(45)(146). But again, that is assuming 45 degrees.

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Finally got a notice from RobotShop that my CMPS14 shipped. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to work with it again. I’d like to update from my version 3.x setup that has served quite well to do all the steering on the planter tractor for the last 3 years.

What would also be useful is to have the start date and the end date of work in the kml file.
A request has also just been made to have this information for the traceability of the work.

Possible feature or change that would be useful is to have Autosteer disengage once RTK signal is lost. I run into issues where I lose RTK and the tractor decides to jump 50cm one direction with no notice.

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Currently there is not a start and end date saved to the section. Sections start and stop often and save every so often. So, it processes it in chucks. Each chunk would only be seconds apart. And even at that the Sections are not in order in the kml. You would need a recorded path running. That could have a start and stop.

Id agree with this. Perhaps if RTK alarm is set then disengage steering if triggered?

Possible feature or change that would be useful is to have Autosteer disengage once RTK signal is lost. I run into issues where I lose RTK and the tractor decides to jump 50cm one direction with no notice.

I’ve been over about 700 acres now with v5, mostly spreading fertilizer. It’s been working great! I really appreciate the “delete applied area” function. It makes starting a new process in the field much easier than v4.3. I don’t have to remember to save under a different name all the time, just wipe the painted area clean and start again! Thanks.

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I’m sure 4.3 did actually have this. I think every version for quite a long time has had it?

@Alan.Webb You’re probably right. I’m sure there are plenty of tricks I’ve never found hiding in there.:grin: