V5.2 Teaser

Quick video on the upcoming v 5.2


Does the line lock look ahead affect contour in any way, or only ab lines or curves?

To protect against accidentally pressing the lateral line jump in a bouncy tractor (we don’t have a need for them) could they be hidden with an option similar to some of the other buttons that we can hide?

Thanks for the continued work!


Same question for the move half working width buttons in the ab line settings. Sometimes it’s quite tricky to hit the right one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And of course great work from all the hard working team!

Please , can you put again BNO055 available , this point avoid to change hardware on old fitting made . I look for BNO085 , but it isn 't easy to found ( out of stock at many place ) and I saw many probleme with CMPS14

The world in reverse.


How could you possibly not need them… Oh well.


I think two conditions will be good if clic on switch line button : if autosteer off OR average speed = 0.
Because it’s true that it is dangerous to be able to change lines without a guard.

I do that for Urepom version (Brian :sweat_smile:)


Brian ,

Just a question about keyboard shortcut, is the list updated?
can we get R & L for manual Uturn for example

There are so many ways autosteer can be dangerous lol. Which is why no one uses it in a real field setting, only with the simulator…


Where is the keyboard shortcut list? I searched the manual but didn’t find anything.

In this link link Wiki V4 we can see some:

Keyboard Functions


L - Rest
K - Speed up
J - Stop
H - slow down

B . turn left
M - turn right
N - Zero steering


F - new Job
A - Autosteer
D - Section Auto On/off
A - Autosteer

but it is for V4 and not sure all can be use for V5

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I just saw it in the screenshot but cannot find a thread about it.

Is “Cycle Lines” the ability to select from multiple stored ab lines on the fly?

If so I cannot get the Trimble in the dumpster fast enough.

Yes. My mother has a saying when she gives us something that we may not want, "Garbage runs on Tuesday. " But honestly I’ve thrown things away on Saturday and was digging it out on Monday. Tuesday is pretty final.

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How many different lines can I switch between?

I haul my own garbage, it can be instantly final. :tractor: :rofl:

The v2 circuit board stuff is all here, china ip 67 tablet is in Monday, all I need is a rainy day.

as many ab lines as you have for your field.

It just loops through the list, not sure what the limiting factor is on number of lines.

AOG is like Christmas, but the tree never runs out of presents and presets.

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When you have AB Lines selected, you can cycle thru as many as you have made, and when curve selected all of those. How many? Probably millions, or until you run out of memory

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I had a go at 5.1.7 this morning. Works well with my slow old dell. Noticed that the lightbar is only visible when autosteer is engaged