(Variable) Rate control

Yes DPDT relays could be used. The rate app does allow for multiple relays to be used for each section.

In this example relay 1 for section 1 will be on when the switch is on. Relay 2 for section 1 will be on when the switch is off.

I mean a PCB with DPDT, likes Gorms PCB

Schematic_Section_and_Rate_Control_Unit.pdf (741,4 KB)

This PCB allows you select mode on each section (Manual/Off/Auto), very usefull

Probably ammounts to the same thing, but I put the diode directly on the 12v out to the solenoid, connection 3 of the relay. Tried to draw on relay 1 what my circuit looks like…if i have read the schematic correctly.

DPDT relays could be added. This would double the number of pins required.

A separate switch pcb https://github.com/SK21/AOG_RC/tree/master/Modules/SwitchBox is used for manual/auto, off/on, master off/on and pressure up/down.

Yeah, i know but Manual/AUTO turns all switches MANUAL or AUTO, for example in Gorms PCB you can have only one switch on MANUAL and others in AUTO, on each switch you can select the mode, i think it’s a usefull feature.

Most sprayers today use valve motors with limit switch, and they need a reverse polarity

Have you used this feature (manual/auto/off)? How does that work? Do you have individual section flow control and flow sensors? Is this common on sprayers in Europe?

A niche pcb could be created for valve motors. Some like this one TeeJet 1" 344 Series Electric Shutoff Valve | 344BEC-24-C | TeeJet | Barndoor Ag only require an on/off signal. The valve itself provides power in both directions. Probably easiest to use Gorms pcb.

I am using the Gorms PCB, the only drawback it has is that it does not have flow control, and all three modes work on each switch.

Hardi, Teejet, Arag, Amazone… all use motor valves (3 ways)