Vegetable setup

I got setup with AgOpen for vegetable/market farming. That sub inch accuracy for was the goal so that it would be easier for new hires to run interrow cultivation gear.

I’m struggling with the planting though. Things like my broccoli transplanter or bulb transplanter, I have people on the back and operate at 0.5-1kmph (0.31-0.8mph for our American friends). At this speed AgOpen can’t detect moving forward, and it can’t detect turning around at the end. Changing gears and ramping up speed seems to be the solution atm, but adds a layer of danger unless I tell everyone to get off. This maybe something I should post in the bugs section?

How have other vegetable guys set up their machines? I’m running teensy with a 24v motor on the steering wheel.

I’ve not got my system running yet but did come across this previously Anyone using AOG to steer the tractor with a grain bagger?

Seems it can work at low speeds?

Hello here, We don`t grow vegetables but trees, our plantingspeed is about 0,15- 2,00 Kmph working with a dual gpsreciver ( purchased from RTK-GPS.NL) and it will detect forward or backwards driving
we have planted this spring with Ag Open, and i drive sometimes on autosteer with the inter row cultivator, butt i am to scared to make a mess of it :slight_smile:

Try slowpokenoimu (5.3.1). Works perfect driving slow and always right direction. Not officially rrleased yet!

I have used KentStuffs MicrOpenGPS for a few years with single gps and imo.

Where can I read about this? Only three results when I search the forum for it

Same question, where can I read about this?

Slow Poke version should replace the micro version. Much of the micro version was put into the slow poke version.

Much better Languages branch, It’s a updated version of SlowPoke.

It’s a release candidate for 5.7.3 :wink: , close to launch, testing and updating all languajes


Looking forward to trying 5.7.3 when it releases as I haven’t yet worked out how to compile the code to test it myself :sweat_smile: Compiled


Good morning , I am also a vegetable farmer , and got into this last year for the same reasons as you I’m sure

I went for a dual setup with my own radio base station, I’m using the 24v motor and gear on my steering wheel and I used it all year and has been great , mine does not register speed when I am transplanting just like you said , but it hasn’t seemed to cause any functional problems .

What about direction sensing? Any issues there? What percentages are you on?

And what about look ahead? What have you got that set to?

Hi Kent,
Apologies with basic questions- Villi is talking about the new Farmer Brian Agopengps release ( and the “slowpoke” and “micro” refer to “Kentstuff” version of AgopenGPS with variable rate etc (Microopengps 5.2) ? Have I got this right ?

Do I need to redo the teensy programming from the Kentstuff \MicrOpenGPS-5.2-main\ArduinoModules on my autosteer module or just run the Microslow Agopengps.exe on laptop/tablet ? I’m expecting to see a teensy file but not seeing one. Does it matter ? I do understand that I can select teensy in the arduino program.


The slowpoke and the version 5.7.3 language is basically the same thing. The micropengps and the rate are different.

I have not updated the micro or rate in a long time. It is best to stick to Brian’s lasting for testing and deciding on teensy etc.

Thanks for the reply.
Kent bit of a sidestep for a second- I’ve created the SK21 rate control board with the intent of using the KentStuff version that has rate control buttons on-screen via agopengps. Does that version not work with Teensy Micro v4 board?

I’m finding it very hard to sort through information on this discourse. Maybe i’m a bit out of touch or something. It just doesnt feel very straightforward trying to achieve outcomes/find connecting information. It feels like I’m finding out information randomly.

I agree with the random statement. Outside of the main official program there are many personal modifications. The Rate version is one of them.

@SK21 can help you more with the boards and such. My assumption is yes if you got the teensy sketch and board from @SK21 then it all still works with the rate map modification that I did.

The variable rate code for the KentStuff mod still exists in the rate app.

Not sure what you mean by percentages ?

Direction is always fine

I’m not sure where that setting is ?