Version 4. December 24, 2019

We have been using version 3.0.xx for quite some time. So its time for a new version. v4 will include some much needed changes to file structures and saving. Hopefully fields can be compatible - as far as i know they certainly will be. Here is a video of the new Tool form. Vehicle, Tool, and Environment are all separate and can be saved independently. Hoping to also be able to get more of the GE changes in as well.

A little teaser video.


Hey Brian
The tool settings are marvelous now, very simple to understand.
Thank you for all you have done, merry christmas🌲

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Brian , Are you Santa Claus ?
Thank you for all your work .
Merry Christmas


Really looking forward to version 4 release. Lots of new features - especially headland and fully automatic turns where you can set implement lift and section control across the headland. Still using uturn for auto turns, as you know that works quite well. Day and night modes and being able to set colors etc is nice - i’m finding myself really liking the darker mode.

Saving the vehicle, the tool, and the entire environment now can be done independently - which is about time!!! Anyway, quick little teaser video.


Another teaser. Day and night modes, Flag text, hydraulic lift working with headlands

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Dear Brian,

Thanks for all your work. Did you have an approximative leadtime for the v4 release ?
I plan to equip 3 tractors, and I am creating my to do list and. Will have a new PCB version ?

Thanks in advance

In version 4 ino WAS invert should be inverted :slight_smile:

if (aogSettings.InvertWAS)
steerAngleActual = (float) (steeringPosition) / -steerSettings.steerSensorCounts;
steerAngleActual = (float) (steeringPosition) / steerSettings.steerSensorCounts;

change with

steerAngleActual = (float) (steeringPosition) / steerSettings.steerSensorCounts;
steerAngleActual = (float) (steeringPosition) / -steerSettings.steerSensorCounts;

in earlier versions it was such a logic, so as not to confuse people…

although in the new version there is an easy way to correct it, I think this would be less confusing

What’s funny is turning right should be positive, but it depends which direction the WAS is mounted, and i needed the negative sign originally to make it not inverted yet steer the right values.

But good point, i will set it to positive without inverting. Thanks!

Well it was going to be very shortly - then the decision was made to include look ahead off. I’ll do avideo on that so it can be explained. It has turned out to be a tremendous amount of work. Week or so?

New board as well - fused etc, but basically the same. I know, spring cometh!!!


No intention to stress but how far away are you from releasing the new pcb? Couldn’t find it on github, is it there? I know pcb 2 will work with v4 but I suppose the new pcb has some improvements and that it is worth waiting for?

I struggle with building it first and making sure it works or just throwing it out there. The downside is many will make it and if it doesn’t work - and that would be really bad.

All the boards will work for the new v4, so the far less risky option if all you need is the normal autosteer, is just make the v2 board or just purchase a complete board from Andreas (probably best option)

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Brian, could a check be added in port settings to continually monitor connections to gps and Arduino. If connection is lost, it tries to reconnect and displays message across screen like ntrip. Maybe a few seconds longer? It is amazing what you and all the other brilliant minds across the globe have accomplished! Thanks

When you lose GPS it goes to the i’m lost screen, but yes when you lose comm to autosteer etc it doesn’t say much. C# is notoriously bad for serial ports and knowing when disconnected and reconnecting is pretty tough. Normally you shouldn’t lose connection - if it happens there is actually something really wrong and that needs to be addressed. Be it bad grounds, bad connection, power loss etc.

Will AOG v4 notice me when loosing rtk fix ?!

Yes it will.

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Not to Hijack but did I miss something… is V4 released ?

Soon, very very soon

Sorry if I missed it somewhere. What changes need to be done to the arduino with v4? Is uploading the new .ino enough if my setup (arduino with IBT driver) worked with arduino code from summer 2019? Or do I need to change pin assignment?

If you use the pcbV2 there’s no need to change the pin assignments

Well it is self-wired in March 2019, no pcb, but the arduino v2 code works with this setup. So I presume it will be OK.