WAS numbers and steer motor runs constant

I’m using version 4.3.10 - Brian’s V2 PCB. - 24 V steering motor - ADS1115.
I uninstalled old version of AOG and deleted APPDATA before installing latest version.

As I try to tune the steering the steer motor runs no mater what I do - except stop the drive button.

I get 2.5 V with the wheels centered at the sensor and also at the connection on the PCB.

From Autosteer

Is -10712 what should be? I think this is WAS??? If not the right # - any ideas what might be wrong?

I get the correct cksum when I send to the arduino in the module configuration.

Make shure you have the correct motor controller set Up in the Arduino (ibt/cytron) and reset the AOG settings i had a similar problem and that solved it

This problem ends up being a bad ADS1115. Got a new one and works as it should.

Good to hear you figured it out.
I’m closing this topic now.
If you have more problems, questions or succes story’s please write it on the forum