WAS Unable to zero

I am unable to zero my WAS, even with the wheels straight it tells that I have excessive steer angle. When I lock the tractor onto a row it only turns in one direction. It never locks onto the row just keeps turning in a circle. Also I cannot turn the wheel with engaged.

Do I have my WAS wired wrong? Do I just need to adjust the overuse presssure in the baraki valve?

Does the steer angle indicator turn correctly when you turn the wheels? It could be that the sensor is not connector or not working and the board is just reading a fixed ~0v.

If you adjust the pressure setting on the 2 wire baraki pressure switch, or the pressure setting in AOG for the 3 wire baraki pressure sensor, then autosteer will disengage when you turn the wheel and you will never feel that the wheel is locked.

Have you taken that extra module out of the ads slot

I have, it seems to be working without it.

I checked out the WAS, when we were putting a spray tank rack on the sensor got disconnected and never put back. This shouts fix it I hope.

I have the two wire sensor, do I adjust the settings in AOG or is there a physical adjustment on the block?

The two wire sensor has an adjustment screw in the middle of the sensor to adjust the pressure at which the switch switches.

Awesome! thanks! Ive got the “kick-out” set about right.

However, I cannot seem to zero my WAS. It was working fine yesterday when going through the steer wizard. I had the right valve wired backwards, when I rewired my WAS went haywire and thinks I its got the wheels kicked to 60 degrees. It doesnt change when I move the wheels and it says my angle is too great to zero.

I have a linear sensor and we had a pretty strong storm last night. Is it possible my sensor is bad?

Is this normal behavior of steering motor when engaging pwm to center the wheels?
Feels like in the start its moving too much and in the end its too little… :confused: