What to choose for the first time

Hello, I would like to know what GPS set to complete. The set would be used in 4 tractors and a combine harvester. The fields are located 2 km from the farm. I’d like to make a cheap prototype and see if it works on a farm and then improve the system.

do you want autosteer or just guidance?
For autosteer you will need a wheel angle sensor in every machine. A very common GPS receiver is the Ardusimple simpleRTK2B.
The rest of the hardware needed for autosteer is mentioned in the support files that you can find on Github https://github.com/farmerbriantee/AgOpenGPS/releases/download/4.3.10/Support_Files.zip

Maybe this also helps you: https://discourse.agopengps.com/t/documentation-of-my-way-to-autosteer/3317?u=bennet

Greetings Bennet

Hi, yes, I would like to have an autosteer, I forgot to add it. At the beginning of the prototype, I would like to have an electric steering wheel, if the whole set worked well, I would switch to the hydraulic control,
and whether the steering angle sensor should be one or two sensors .Thanks for the answer. :slight_smile: