Wheel angle sensor error

Every time I restart my computer, my steering zero position changes.

Please give us more information

What kind of autosteer code do you use? Mtz8302? Therefor I have an idea…

Simple circuit, connected aurdino uno 5 volts through wire to ads1115 A0 to WAS.

Sounds like a power supply issue.

Yaa,power supply problem, inter changed connection, 5v volt regulator for WAS signal and aurdino 5v output to Ads1115.
Working very nice,less noise

Hi all
I’ve got a problem since I changed the wiring to my WAS. The Old wiring got broken so I renewed it. I’m using the inbuild WAS in the Dana axle sitting on the Claas, and it worked flawlessly with the old wiring. The problem is that when turning to the left, AOG is very slow to respond to the new angle, it’s not a problem when turning right. I’ve tried with another WAS and the same wiring as I’ve put on now, and there wasn’t a problem. Has anyone seen this before and has a solution, or should I change the WAS? It’s a big of a work to change the inbuild WAS so I’m just trying here before…

Not helping your problem, but do you have more info on how you wired into the inbuilt WAS as I’ve a friend with an Arion that we might be looking at soon. Thanks.

I’ve cut the original wiring, since it’s only used for switching the differential lock on/off.
On mine the yellow/green is ground to PCB v2, blue is signal and brown is +12v, which also comes from the PCB v2

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