Wheel angle sensor NH G170 SUPERSTEER

Good morning

I am looking for a WAS reference greater than 90 degrees
my tractor is a NEW HOLLAND G170 SUPERSTEER
steering angle about 91 degrees
what do you recommend?

If you look closely you will see that there are a number of holes on the wheel side as well as on the WAS side, these serve to keep the angle within the 90 degrees that the WAS can handle.
this way you can keep a large steering angle within the tolerance of the WAS, just long bar on the WAS and a short one on the wheel side.

And those supersteers that turn briefly, I know, but the axle turns simultaneously with the wheels, right? then I would put the WAS at the pivot next to the wheels.

good luck!

You can make the geometry on the arms so the sensor move less than the wheel.

Otherwise its some alternatives in the RTY series. One nice thing with them its not stopping on max angle så if you are turning to much you will not destroy the sensor

270deg sensor:

180 deg sensor:

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yes, the wheels turn at the same time as the front axle.
The sensor must be fixed on the bridge as close as possible to the pivot?

Are supersteer axles a problem on AOG?

do you recommend attaching the sensor to the tie rod?

This is my solution on John Deere. Its not a super steer etc.

Look in the rest of the thred to find inspiration how to do it


if i were you i would put the WAS on the axle, there are already slots for bolts, and then on the rear bolt, or make it to the front hole, and try this first

I agree use the green circled spots. As long as the WAS arm length is made so you use full angle of WAS, then it doesn’t really matter where you measure the steer angle. I assume there is no wear in supersteer connections :smiley:

Hi @RodB !
If you’re still around I wish to speak to you about you’re G170.
I’m also a french farmer who try to equip the same :tractor:.
If you see this please make a signe !

i’ff you’re intrested in pictures i did a 8870 super steer last year

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of course please !

Do you have photos of your final mounting WAS ?

would you be able to post the pictures?

BMW E39 sensor . works great its 90 deg range so that 1 extra deg isnt a problem cause the sensor can spin 360deg .
tractor is G210 supersteer