Where do I start?

Hi fellow farmers! I’m new to AOG and know nothing about programming or circuit board designing. Where do I start? I would like to put hydraulic auto steering on a Case IH 2388 combine; probably as a winter project this coming winter.

You really don’t need to do any PCB design or programming to get AOG up and running. To start it is probably best to download AOG from Brian’s GitHub and try out the simulator to get a feel for it. If you want to commit then you should probably get your hands on an UDP AIO board and a Baraki hydraulic valve if you don’t already have a steering valve.

You should follow the links on the main GitHub and you will find the hardware wiki. That will tell you everything you need. BGunics did a really good job at updating that. Basically you will have a tablet running AOG that connects with UDP over Ethernet to the AIO board. The AIO board will connect all of your separate components(GPS, IMU, valve driver, etc). The AIO board can be connected to the various parts with a wiring harness described on the hardware wiki.

If you don’t want to source a bunch of parts there are a few people selling tested setups and various parts. I am going to have a bunch of stuff up in the next week, and Baraki has the recommended valves and some other parts.

That would be awesome! I’d like something with GGA, VTG, and RMC signal output for yield mapping, as the combine came with a Yeildsense setup on it already, less the 20/20 display. Is stuff like that possible with available hardware setups?