Where should I wire the 24v voltage riser


Should I wire the 24v riser between the pcb and the motor or between the pcb and the battery?

No, don’t power the board with 24v… 24v can be applied on Cytron In pin.

You see the same red wire goes to 2pins and its ok for 12v motor but for 24v you need 2 different wires 12v to pin 22 and 24v to pin 18

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I wired it like this and it is working fine.


The only problem with that is that your fuse has to be so big to handle the motor current that it doesn’t really protect the circuit board very well.

Motor surges can also affect the circuit boards voltage stability so I recommend running power for the motor directly from the battery through its own fuse and through a switch if you want to


and did you solder the ,wire for use 12v cytron" connector on the pcb or you left it as is

I agree. I ran a separate wire from my fuse block to the 12/24 converter. That way it’s on its own fuse and any noise isn’t coupled to the main board.

I’m using Anderson power pole fuse distribution for my system. Ran 10 AWG wire from battery. Fused that then 80A relay control to ignition switch. From the relay to the fuse block.

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I left it as is.