Where to connect Dogs2 Y axis

In aurdino code regarding DOGS2…connect to ads1115 A2,that is XAxis.Y axis signal wire is not connecting to aurdino

You can leave it disconnected. You only need the x axis to measure roll. Just make sure the sensor is mounted on the tractor so roll is about the x axis of the sensor.

AOG with x axis roll,compensate x axis errors, and make the tractor go straight, if the tractor leans up and down (y axis errors) steering oscillates. If we can filter Y axis same as X Axis ,AOG can run in any terrain.



Pitch doesn’t affect steering very much since you are only moving forward and backward on the guidance line

Hello sir
Then why steering oscillates as shown in picture

There are a lot of settings and reasons, but pitch is unlikely to cause that - especially since it is mostly flat.

Wheelbase, counts per degree, was centering, proportional gains, min pwm etc can all cause it

My antenna and brick2 is placed on rear axle,is it a mistake. Larsvest adviced me to place the antenna in front and follow your YouTube video on settings and configuration.
Shall I try is sir


Probably for the future it’s best not to set up auto steer while seeding. Make sure it works before doing any field work

Not worried of my crop sir,just want to clarify why autosteer goes left and right when pitch changes, otherwise it goes straight.

I mean when tractor tilts, in roll errors it compensate and goes straight.

Are you saying that forward-backward tilt/pitch causes it to steer back and forth? Maybe disable that input or sensor.


When tractor tilts, autosteer does not compensate, it turns steering wheel right or left.same in roll error it compensate, and see that tractor goes straight.

In AOG the aviation specifications are used. Aircraft principal axes - Wikipedia
Maybe that is reason to some of the confusion.

You must write this again in other words. I do not understand what you mean, because you say AOG does not compensate but at same time it turns wheels??

Roll errors are compensated,and AOG see that tractor go straight, but in pitch , error (my field is not even,tractor nose goes and down) is not compensated,AOG either turns steering right or left, later comes back to line.

I don’t think pitch should affect your left/right steering. Only roll changes the GPS position reading in a way that affects your steering, which then needs to be corrected according to it’s height off the ground.