Which steering angle sensor to get?

Hi All! I am filling up my cart at autosteer.cc and there are a number of available options for steering angle sensors. Any thoughts on which one I should get and perhaps why. Thanks.

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How are you planning on mounting the sensor?

The Honeywell sensor doesn’t have an arm. You can buy it from the factory with a very small arm, but it really should have some kind of external bearing in order to use a significant arm. It’s a great sensor if you are planning on drilling your kingpin. Some have 3d printed bearing supports in order to use an arm.

The Delphi sensor is kinda chunky and has a significant arm on it. It’s good if you want to use a setup with a long arm. Many people are measuring their drag link with the Delphi and a longer arm.

The “winkelsensor inkl stecker” I don’t know, I haven’t seen very many people use that one.

Since there aren’t many WAS pictures on the discord (they got wiped during the server move), try joining the Telegram groups. You can quickly scroll through the media tab and look at pictures from the past few years. There’s lots of linkage WAS pictures in the international group.


Hi thanks for the reply. May I know how I get to go to the international group (telegram groups (?)). Thanks.

Still some links work here.


I produce various mechanical elements for AGOPEN, also housings with a bearing for a steering sensor and valves for hydraulic control.

elobau 424A06A120 and RQH100030, I used both, they work fine.

Hi All!

Just an update … Ended up buying RQH100030 on its own just to get a feel of the voltage being put out as one moves the arm. I have the following reading of minimum of 0.4v and maximum of 4.4v. If I move the arm lower than the minimum the reading stayed the same. Same observation for rotating beyond the point when 4.4v is reached. Power is provided via usb port of notebook computer. Pins used 1 (-), 5 (+) and 4 (data +). The following images shows the reading and I can measure later where the masking tapes are placed to figure out angle.