Wich PCB for a starter

Hi there, I am a newbee into electronics but I decided to build myself an autosteer for my tractor. Wich PCB would be best for me?
The board of GoRoNb is very compact but I think not the right one to start with. Leaves PCBv2 or Kaupoi.
What you recommend?

Kaupoi 4.1, this one has a slot for BnO08x or CMPS14, v2 not.

Going for kaupoi. Want to order on jlcpcb a board. They aan for cld of cdl? Files. Where van I het this?

Solved my problem. Order un- installed board, minimum quantity is 5, so installed wil be too expensive.

hey sory to interupt i orederd my parts allredy for pcb V2 and now i was thinking that i took 2 bords form Bepe …are the parts the same on the bouth bords?