Wider sections would be really helpful

Hey guys and gals

So I currently have to use multiple sections to show my one section for applying fertilizer or lime with my self propelled spreader. I Lime at 60 foot and can spread fertilizer up to 120 foot and that is on ONE section. Not a split belt or anything like it. I can’t be the only one unless there is something I am missing.


You can just select how many sections you would like to have. I think possible is from 1 to 12.
It’s on the settings page, where you set the section width.

At 5:34. It’s called sections. The GUI changed a lot, but it looks similar.

Well currently I am using 2 30 foot sections to represent 60 foot but if it were to come to actually control the machine how would I. If auto section control is on and you come to a point row, which there are in most if not all fields especially eastern US. How could I reliably get an accurate spread and application area? It will always show less applied area than actual due to less overlap.

He wants to use 1 full sized section according to his machine.

That would be correct and if I am thinking correctly. If we want AOG to maybe one day replace our existing Raven units or Trimble or even Deere we must be open and available for anyone and anything that may come up, as in this situation. Don’t get me wrong, I am making it work the way it has been described. I am just putting out a suggestion and with my current set up I have 2 displays in the cab on for rate and one for steering. Consolidation is were I would like to head with this. Thanks

Talk to me about your rate set up. Does the single boom put out one rate? Or is it based on each nozzle at each point in the field? Do you have a rate map you are reading and want to apply, or are you mapping the rate you have applied? Is the rate in volume per area or is it simply volume and you control the speed, therefore area? Simple enough to make the single boom wider, if you select manual rather than auto, it will keep both sections on, even when they overlap.

Single “boom” one rate. It is based on a volume of product coming through the gate on a belt. The belt has an encoder counting revolution with a pwm valve speeding up or slowing the belt based on speed. Width is based on spinner speed really again pwm valve controlling rpm to keep a constant spread pattern and distance.

So in the picture below, both the speed of the spinner and the speed of the belt is all controlled based on the ground speed of the spreader? It is controlled by the raven? When you slow down, the belt slows, and spinner maintains?
And, then, your ABlines are actually variable based on spinner speed?

Yes it is controlled by ground speed using radar. Was set up to to use gps speed but not dependable enough with tree cover. Currently a raven viper pro controls both belt and spinner through a multi product node. Belt slows and speeds up for rate change based on speed or in a VRA as well and spinner speed is maintained based on product pan testing and applicable spread width.

Also got playing around in AOG tonight and I must have mist the section thing all together. It could be just a small error in code but idk.

I can set the individual sections as wide as I want but if you use the sections button to apply to all sections you are limited to 394 inches.

It’s just the limit set too low for the “section width” box, it’s 1000 cm. limits for individual section are set to 5000 cm(164 ft).

@BrianTee_Admin should just set it to 5000. Or is it a reason to not be set at 5000?


Are you satisfied using the radar? There are ways to convert the speed to pulses. Brian has included this in a recent post and may actually be in the ino. But if the GPS speed is not accurate enough with the trees, I wonder how the ABLine is accurate.

Two other questions (forgive my ignorance:)
What is VRA?
Is product pan testing something you do and then set, or is it machine/product specific.

Currently on 60foot with lime I am ok being within 1-2 foot pass to pass. As I have mentioned in other posts RTK is not necessary in my work. But without speed input I can do nothing since the system is based off speed. That is why I went back to good old radar it just works and is accurate.

VRA = Variable Rate Application
Changing rate based off a predefined field prescription from soil tests and in season tissue tests.

As for pan testing
Easier to show than explain

But essentially yes product and spreader specific.

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That’s what I figured and 5000 is probably a good round number to use.

VRA, we worked on a kml reader that gave the prescribed application rate for the field. I suspected this is what VRA was, but wasn’t sure if this was the prescription or the dose. For spraying, dose mapping is pretty easy. Wildly my mind went to dose mapping spreading in these half circles. I think that is out of my reach and ability. Probably doable, but seems complicated.

Back to the radar. I assume the raven system controls the spreader based on user inputs and monitoring the radar speed. Is the radar machine specific or a raven product?

Here is where we were working with the VR stuff.

@SK21 may can give some insight on the rate app and speed monitoring.

@SK21 @KentStuff do you guys have any ideas on how I could enter in two different rates but be able to switch between the 2 rates on the fly while going through the field without a prescription map made. Kinda variable rate but I would need to push a button or switch? I have the variable rate controller with @SK21 design and INO. RAVEN 440 controller and similar have this function and just wondering if it’s possible to do here?!

It shouldn’t be too hard to do. I think Brian had that in his original AgRate software. I will see what I can come up with.

Sounds awesome, then a person could possibly wire or put that into a future design of toggle switch adjustable rate for two or even three pre-determined rates. I was reading through the VR posts for a 3rd time today and trying to gather if you guys have a came up with the software for VR. I was working on a KML file now to make contour maps with 2 different rates. Is there such software for it yet? Maybe I should move this over to the @SK21 variable rate thread?

Should the pre-determined rates be as a % of the main rate or separate altogether? The VR software isn’t completed yet.

I would say it should match whatever the VR software is going to use for values across the field. Of course gallon or liters is easy, but I believe a percentage is going to be the easiest for software side of things. This would allow people to figure the percentage of whatever product they’re applying. My thought was similar to what you guys were working on before, 100% of base/main rate and allow 200% of that or down to 1% of base/main.