Wifi NTRIP Master IP Ban Issues

I’m trying to set up my own base station using the Ardusimple SimpleRTK2B Basic Starter Kit with a Wifi NTRIP Master and I can’t seem to get the configuration right. I got it to a point where it looked like it was running nicely on rtk2go, but then I got an IP ban for apparently not sending any data. I contacted rtk2go and there are several messages in their log that state:

“TCP/IP [XX.XX.XX.XXX:XXXXX] disconnected, never sent ANY data (including NTRIP setup), marked as bad connection.”

The customer support suggested that I make sure the antenna has a clear view of the sky, which it mostly does. U-Center shows that it is currently using 30 SVs, so I don’t see how that could be an issue. They also mentioned that checking the status of the base many times (like I did) can cause a ban. It didn’t look like that was what caused it, though, so I’m really not sure.

Does anyone happen to have a working configuration for a base station like mine? The current configuration I’m using is essentially Aortner’s Improved Konfiguration but modified to send the RTCM data over UART2 instead of USB and switched from MSM4 messages to MSM7 messages.

If nobody has a configuration, any tips on what to try next? It might work to try using the Wifi NTRIP Master’s built-in caster, but I’m not sure how to make that work, and I’m not sure if it would even be possible to open ports on my router since it’s owned by my ISP.

Thanks in advance!

In the meantime, I think I’ll try running my base on rtk2go once more and see if I get banned again without checking on it as much.

Check this post out. Everything you need to know is there

Thanks for the response. It looks pretty similar to the settings I have, aside from being MSM4 instead of MSM7 and a higher baudrate. Interestingly, my base is still not banned and I haven’t changed a thing. I guess I’ll wait and see how long it keeps working.

Update: Still running after 20 hours. My rover is able to connect to it just fine, so I think my problem is solved.