Wifi NTRIP master/ simpleRTK2GO setup

Hello, I’m trying to setup my own base station using simpleRTK2GO basic starter kit and wifi NTRIP master from ardusimple. I’m new to all this so its all a little confusing so bear with me.

I’ve connected to to ntrips local wifi and added my wifi network details and my details i got from rtk2go.com, I entered these into the NTRIP server section with my email as username. When i click submit the light flashes that corresponds to the wifi section so i assume that means thats working but no light for the ntrip server part. I’ve attached my antenna. Left it for a little but still nothing showing in the caster table.

I managed to connect to the u-center program and check the firmware, which is upto date so I don’t know what else to try.

You need to actually configure the f9p using ucenter to set what messages you want to send, survey in or enter your antenna coordinates, set a few other things and save it. I couldn’t tell from your post if you’ve done that already

Take a look at this:

Especially the 8 step process towards the bottom

Thanks, I’ll take a look at that. I haven’t done any of those things. At the moment I have the antenna on a windowsill so when I move it to its final position I’ll have to set its location again ?

Yes. I would get it working when it’s in a convenient spot just using a quick survey-in and then do a longer survey-in and use those coordinates to set it in fixed mode once you have it installed in its final location.

I followed the 8 steps in the link you said and I’ve got the corresponding light flashing on the ntrip master now so I’m over the moon, thanks so much. I will wait for the survey in to complete and then check its showing on the ntrip caster table and should be good to go? Doing a longer survey in, as in a full day or so? Thanks again

Yes. Make sure once you have it surveyed in in the final location you write down those coordinates and enter them in so it is in fixed mode. Otherwise your ab lines will jump around each time the base restarts.

A longer survey-in will only really make a lot of difference if you switch between base stations. Even a very short one will give you perfect repeatable inside your own setup.

Thanks again. I’ll no doubt be back in touch with another problem later down the line.

Hello again, so i left the pcb connected to the pc all night performing the survey in but when i click the ‘poll’ button to refresh this morning it still hasn’t got ‘yes’ in the mean position valid box. I also widened the required position accuracy to 2.5m. I do have the antenna on a windowsill, would this make a difference?

It very well might. I was able to survey in temporarily with an antenna on the windowsill in only a few minutes to 1 meter as I recall. That was with the survey antenna. Any obstruction will give you problems though.

I managed to get a survey in done on the window sill at 5m. So now i want to mount my antenna in its final loaction but this is in a garage and the pcb will be in an enclosure in there as well. When i do my proper survey in can i plug a laptop in and set it off in u-center and unplug the laptop to leave in running or does the laptop need to be connected all the time. Say I’m doing a min time 24 hours. Thanks

I think you need to leave it plugged into the laptop for the simple reason that it is being powered off the USB port. In theory it could probably do it not hooked up but unplugging and plugging it back in would seem to be a problem. Maybe someone else knows a way to do it.

i do believe you can power the f9p from 1 of its ports and plug laptop into other

It looks like you are right. Power it from the xbee port and plug your laptop into the gps USB port. I wish I had realized that when I did mine.

Thanks again. I’ve been emailing ardusimple today about it and they have said you can set it off doing a survey in then unplug it and move it it’s correct position, I struggle to see how this works though as you’d need to unplug it again to plug it back into the computer to check it’s done etc

I don’t understand what they are saying because you can’t move it after it is surveyed in. If you want to let it survey in without a computer just do like is says in that guide I shared; a wall wart charger on the xbee usb and then your computer on the gps USB.

Ok, I’ll do it via the method you sent. Makes sense to me. Thanks again, think I’m getting there now. I have a new v12 untethered sim for the receiver on my tractor. It’s a s4 Fendt, do you know how to fill out the mobile network settings, the guys from the place I got the sim don’t know.

Do you have an ntrip settings page where you can enter the mount name, port number, ip address and username and password etc

Yes that’s under this page, I’m pretty sure of what to put in there but not sure about this part. The supplier of the sim have me a:
Profile name
Said leave username and password as blank
Authentication NONE