Wiring 12-24v converter for Phidgets motor

I’m using the 24v Phidgets motor with PCBv2 board and Cytron MD13s controller. how is the XW-12-24-240W power converter wired to the Cytron?

Does this help?

Thank you that’s what i needed.

Hello, ist this 240 W converter enough for the motor?
There is mentioned 10.8 A Stall curent.
10.8*24V = 259.2W
So is this enough? Or do you have Problems with it?

Regards, Peter

240 W converter is enough. I’ve never managed to stall the motor though.

Can the v2 pcb 12v out support the 20 amp draw of the 24v converter?

What are you powering that will make the converter pull 20amp?
If in doubt, add an extra supply with fuse & relay for the converter and just use the pcbv2 to switch the relay.

I hope it never pulls 20 amps, but with the motor stall rated at 10.8 @24v i didn’t want my motor to stall for whatever reason and fry my pcb.

I have used the 12-24v converter with the 12v from pcb, to run phidgets 3269_3 motor for a couple years with no issue.

Perfect thats the same motor I am planning to use.

Would this work for the converter to run a 24V Phidgets motor off the All-in-one board?

EKYLIN DC 12v to 24v Step up Converter Regulator 10A 240W

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Yes that would work perfectly.


I was wondering the same thing. Thanks