Wiring Diagram

Im sorry if im asking something dumb but im testing the components in a breadboard and got a little confused about the Nano Wiring to the ibt2 and bno, the diagram on the old wiki its nice but im not shure if its going to work with the latest .ino that works with the pcb v2, is there a similar diagram to the one im refering to for breadboard testing, thanks

Just alter the pin definitions (just under the ardruino code setup zone).

Enable 4 (both enables go to same pin)
Steer sw 6
work sw 7
remote 8

Alternatively, follow the code pin definitions with your wiring.

BNO should be fine that’s on the standard I2C pins.

WIKI diagram wants updating or deleting. Fritzing won’t work any more on my PC so I can’t draw an updated one easily to post here

worked as a charm, going to need a bigger motor, the one im using its not powerfull enough, ill try today with a drill motor