Wiring harness

am struggling to work out how to go about doing the wireing harness have looked at the two pages on the wiki im just not sure at all how to go about doing it. any one any help for to get going at it thanks

all in one board 4.1, F9P basic, 12 v moter

Which bit are you struggling with? The part i enjoyed the most was wiring it up and hiding all the cables.
Make sure all your joins are good.
I used alot of conduit/cable protector for all the wires outside of the cab. Was lucky enough to have rubber grommets under the cab that allowed me to bring the cables in through and there was also a good place to hide the wiring and the 24v converter and relay etc.
Mounted the pcb besides the seat and only a small amount of cable/conduit on show but each tractor is different.

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im just not sure of what way it needs to be wired up i have all the different types of cable it said to have all the different connectors but I’m unsure of what way to go about actually doing it. There is no simple example maybe I’m just overthinking it. i have been way out of my depth since the first day I came across this idea of making my auto steer hahaah but trying to do it now my god i am getting lost.

There are many pages on the wiki. Did you look at this one?

If youve got this far your doing well.
Have you followed the guide on testing all the components as you’re added them to the board?
I bought the pre wired ampseal plug which made it a bit easier to join the wires to. Your not using the 24v converter so that helps a bit aswell.
I used colour cable ties on each wire as i brought them into the cab and wrote down on paper what colour came from what. Are you using the relay for the freewheel mod?

yeh iv had the board on what works without power needed lighted up iv programmed the teensy as well

yeh, i had seen the pre-made plugs i guess ill just have to crimp them. should I use a different wire to come out of the plug or will i just split the cable and run them straight into the plug if u get me?

and are them boxes in that diagram are they relays ?

Yeah the little square box is the relay for the freewheel mod.
You can use crimps to extend the ampseal wires but far better to use soldierd joints and heat shrink if you’ve got the prewired ampseal plug.
I put plenty of fuses in the lines when i done mine (i cooked my 1st pcb from some back current) think i used 5 fuses the 2nd time and even put some on the earth cables for good measure :rofl: which is a bit overkill but i didn’t want to risk it again.

ahhh ok relay be good job so theres another for down at the battry i see, i may get them,

wow ok so lots of fuzes in that diagram there are only two would u think should i put more in it

I didn’t use the 2nd relay located in the main switch line.
I went a bit overkill on my fuses but it doesnt do any harm to put extra in.

grand and what is the box thing in the bottom left

That is the charger for the tablet. I done the same and wired mine up to the main switch