3D printer?

Hi all, i am thinking about buying a 3d printer.

Anyone has a good type i should buy that can print the all in one cases and the motor steering parts?



I’ve a Creality Ender 3 V2 Neo, it seems pretty decent. Big enough to do the box and the parts. Not overly expensive either.


Looks good and indeed not to expensive for a hobby :slight_smile:


I suggest a Prusa MK3. Of all the printers I work with it is the most dependable and least irritating.

I haven’t printed the one piece ring gear so I’m not sure if that fits.

1000 euro is a bit to much

One thing tho, it needs modded to print the small TPU gear wheel, I’ve not tried that yet tho. Friend with direct-drive might print that for me (if I ever need it, all hydraulic and CAN so far)

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Fair enough, just sharing my experience.

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Sovol sv03

I am a big fan of the ender 3’s. I also recommend upgrading the extruder and hotend to the micro Swiss direct drive with all metal extruder. It allows me to print higher end filaments such as nylon, pc, and flexible ones like TPU.

I am a total noob with 3d printers.
So will learn alot and may ask alot.

But orderd so we will see soon.

Thnx for your anwsers.

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