3D printer?

Over the years, I have owned and used a couple of Creality printers and an expensive Raised 3D printer. A couple of months ago, I picked up a Bambu X1C and absolutely love it! By far, it is the easiest printer that I have used.

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Crevity k1 very good machine for its price

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The K1 looks very interesting. I might have to buy one. Certainly the time of the Ender 3 and clones is over now. The only bed slinger I’d consider buying at this point would be an independent dual extruder printer. Although strangely enough Bambu labs released a little bed slinger printer that is very fast.

We just got a Bambu X1 Carbon and it’s a pretty slick printer. Certainly everyone is playing catch up to it. Slice and go for the most part. I’ve been printing a fair amount of ABS lately and I have to say I really like using ABS. It has replaced PETG as my standard filament for farm-related parts. The X1 is expensive but it is very polished and easy to use and I love the AMS. I don’t do any multi-color prints, but just having four different spools loaded and ready to go is so nice. No more manually changing filament, except when I need to use TPU which does not work in the AMS. Print head purges itself on changing filaments. I’ve never had it clog yet, even switching between PLA and ABS.

However knowing what I know now about the X1 carbon, I might have just bought the Bambu P1P and added an enclosure, AMS, and Camera to it. The P1P has everything the X1 has (including AMS compatibility), but no Lidar and AI for detecting spaghetti. But in experience the AI doesn’t work that well on the X1 anyway. I have yet to have it detect a failed print and stop. And since I use the textured PEI plate which doesn’t work with Lidar, I have that turned off. All the rest of the features, including cloud printing which is rather slick, are in the P1P. You can add a camera to the P1P which I highly recommend.The screen is clumsy on the P1P compared to the X1, but there are add-ons to fix that.

But no question if you have the money and just want a printer that has everything from the get go and is completely turn-key, the X1 Carbon stands above everyone, including the Creality K1.

Guess I should toss out a few cons. Their hotend and nozzle are proprietary, but not too expensive. I don’t think you can get 0.2mm, but you can easily put in 0.6 or 0.8mm nozzles. Multi-color printing is very slow and wasteful, but that’s to be expected on any system.

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I bought a P1P last spring and it is a great printer. Fast as hell and super reliable. I haven’t bothered to print an enclosure yet but it prints PETG and PLA like a damn. One thing is that it seems to be hit or miss on TPU.

As for the display, every reviewer I checked out seemed to hate it but honestly I haven’t had a problem with it. There really isn’t much you need to do through the display and once you setup the cloud printing you will almost never use it.

One thing though, is that the P1P is not setup out of the box to print abrasive filaments but you can buy the parts to upgrade it for not to much.

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Right now the P1P is on sale for about $700 CAD. And the P1S, which has an enclosure is only $770. A good deal. For about $1000 you can get it with AMS. A camera is about $50 (recommended) Camera and light comes with the P1S.

With the P1P and P1S, it still can talk to the cloud right? I hardly use the screen on the X1 Carbon. I just send direct from the slicer and monitor the print from the slicer.

Also someone has developed a color screen that works with the P1P and P1S. It’s DIY with a few parts: GitHub - xperiments-in/xtouch

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Yup they work with the cloud printing. When I bought mine they were sending them all out with cameras and the LED light. Also when I bought it the P1P was $900, right now it looks like there is a hell of a deal with the AMS.

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What issues did you have with TPU? We printed a nice roller bearing mount for direct rolls of filament (AMS cannot do TPU apparently). Was planning to put TPU on that.

I re-read the P1S description and it comes with the camera.

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I had issues with feeding and inconsistent extrusion on the softer TPU. It led to a lot of weird artifacts on the prints. The only solution that I found was to slow print speed way down. But it will print it, but it isn’t as nice as other filaments.

Makes sense. any thing is faster than my Ender 3 which did TPU about 30 mm/s!

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Yup. Those ender 3’s are not speed demons in the slightest. It was a world of difference going to a P1P. I can easily print at 150 mm/s or even 200 mm/s vs 70 mm/s max with an ender 3.

Honestly if anyone wants to get into 3d printing and just print, getting a P1P would be a good choice over fighting with the ender 3.