A way to help the development of AgOpenGPS

First of all…

We want to thank all of you for having this great community. Without all of you we never would have had this big group of users, ideas, coding skills, dreamers, and passionate minds.

We discussed a lot in the development group how to solve problems, get the project becoming better and better, and making it easier for people to join. To balance that with learning about making your autosteer, doing something with a soldering station, read some lines of code…. Everything that’s needed to build your own DIY autosteering system for your own needs.

A lot of people asked how to send some money to Brian for his great work he did all those years. Brian always said he never wants to earn money with it so we thought we would create a page where you can give something back to the community to continue making it better and better.

A few things what is being worked on currently:

  • Full SMD All-In-One PCB (ordered by everyone themselves). We need a few boards first to write code and test it in every environment.

  • tool implement line following

  • keypad shortcuts

  • revision of the Contour Guidance

  • new uturn algorithms

  • better documentation

Just a few things what’s on our minds these days.

We’ve set up a donation link on BuyMeACoffee and with this small amount we hopefully can make some factory complete new pcb’s ready for the future with all parts and needs for everyone like CanBus, Ethernet, WiFi, section control, f9p headers etc.

Please note, it is absolutely voluntary and not obligatory in any way. We definitely want to put all the donations back into the project!

Many many many thanks again to all of you!

The Development Team:

Brian Tischler

Daniël P

Matthias Hammer

Andreas Ortner

Josep Vilamitjana

Jake Hunter

Gorm Rose

David Cox

Jaap van den Handel

Kent Stuff


Wilbert Talen



Superb! It’s nice to be able to give just a little back to help support ongoing development of this amazing project.

I’ll happily start making monthly donations to the coffee pot!

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This is great! I don’t have the skills to contribute work to the project, but I am happy to buy a coffee😀for those that do all the work. I’m curious what ideas you have in mind for implement line following? Are you thinking of a gnss receiver on the implement?


Thanks to all!! It’s amazing to see how much people give something for this great project… we never believed it went so good for all of you!! Thanks thanks thanks!!

(Did I already said thanks?)

The Development Team!

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Hi , very good idea ! Question : if buy coffee or mensual choice , can you infor me if have an invoice or receive note for the comptable service …
Thank , waiting to coffee !

I would love to have my name written in the first post, but I don’t see myself as supportive yet. (perhaps one day), thanks to everyone who contributed, I’ll get a coffee as soon as possible…

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I think I don’t understand the question?

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Hi WhiteRose.

Thanks for your message. Just being here is already support. The names in the first post are just the current development team, all based on Brian’s original idea. The whole concept still is and will be Farmers Helping Farmers… we never forget that.

Thanks for being here!


You can get an invoice from Paypal, but keep in mind that it is a donation, not a product or a service.


Hi. Thank you very much for your time and knowledge put into creating Aog. As soon as I am in front of the computer, I put my coffee. AgOpenGps is a great tool, please keep developing it.

Coffee OK !! litle help . Best regard


Good idea !

Question about this SMD board: it’s the same board than the one presented here ? Next step for SMD PCB: Project for an all-in-one compact PCB


Hi Math.

That will be the basic to go to yes… it’s fully untested and there’s no firmware for it. It’s also not tested in tractor environment… so a lot of work to do before we can see some of it… it’s still under development means there are still things changing in the smd board…

Best regards!



Thank for the answer.


Is there a way to give monetary support without going through PayPal?


Sadly not. The platform only uses PayPal.