Adding custom Arduino parameters to AoG

How do you guys add custom parameters to AoG to send to the steering Arduino? What I’m thinking is reading the combine’s feed house position pot with the Arduino’s analog input and setting what level triggers the WORK on/off.

I’m thinking this setting could be part of the Module Configuration, although I may not want to exit/close the field to change the setting.

I’m not very interested in customizing AoG though as that interferes with fast adoption of AoG updates so I’ll probably just hard code it in the Arduino sketch.

This got me thinking it might be nice to add the ability for a few custom settings with their own PGN. Not sure yet exactly how.

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I’m also interested in more details on this subject. I’ve gone through the “Curt’s project” videos and section control and I feel I’ve gleaned enough to be dangerous. :cold_face:


in the ESP32 autosteer code we use an analog input for workswitch, the threshold can be set in the Webinterface.

For your application I would suggest to use a separate arduino or ESP32 acting as section control, so it would be different from the autosteer and you can update the autosteer code without loosing this function. Section control can send “manual ON/OFF” or “Auto ON/OFF”. It could be realiszed like the documentation only on my fertilizer spreader.

Greetings Matthias

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I just added a dozen lines of code to the sketch with the height trigger hard coded in the sketch. I was dreaming of having it configurable from AoG.

I’ve been thinking something along the lines of adding an extra config page that would use a special PGN to transfer between AoG and Arduino. Maybe the custom parameters could have blank text boxes for the user to label them and save the labels. Also need some way of selecting what kind of data it is, or just use bytes?

Maybe a web interface would be the simplest…


Your description makes me think of something like entry and exit choices in u turn setup.

@MTZ8302 I use something like your fertilizer spreader section control for my sprayer where I have an analog pressure sensor that triggers AoG’s manual sections ON when the pressure goes high enough (ie when I open the valve to spray).