AgOpen on Raspberry

Has someone tryed to running AgOpen on Raspberry with Windows?

Hi I have seen this question come up before.
If I remember correct there are people that tried it. However there are problems with drivers.

For the moment I’ve connected the GPS(NavSpark PX1122) and BNO080 by arduino nano and it would seem to work. In the nexd days i try to connect the steering.

Should work I’d think. All you need is working USB serial drivers and and ethernet should already be working if you’re using the new stuff.

Which Pi is this? the 4? Let us know how it goes.

I ran Win10 ARM64 on an RPI 2b. It worked, but it so slow as to be totally useless of course. Definitely worth a try on a 4B (4gb minimum) tho !

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I think 8 GB is more realistic for Windows on any platform.

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