AgRate Controller

Is anyone successfully using the AgRate Controller with their sprayer? I’m looking to switch over to using this but would like a bit of guidance as there’s not much documentation on it. I’ve got a 5 section sprayer, flow meter, and control valve.

Any help or lessons learned would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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I’m changing my sprayer over to SK21’s Teensy RC11 PCB at the moment.

Will be wiring it up to the sprayer early in the new year, so will have some feedback then.

Have you chosen a PCB yet?


I haven’t chosen one yet. Still trying to understand all the details and what I need. Looks like the one you are using is an all in one board with the relays and motor driver all together. Not sure I’ve seen this one yet but I like the looks of it. Is there an enclosure for this one as well that can be 3D printed? Are you planning on making a switchbox as well?

I’ve got all in one steer boards that I had made and assembled by jlcpcb which have worked great, so I had planned to go this route again once I figured out which board/modules I’ll need.

Yes it has 8 relays mounted on the PCB more could be added by ic2.
I’m not aware of a 3D printed enclosure, I will put in a Hammond enclosure and cut an endplate to fit the Ampseal plug, the Ethernet will have a panel mount socket.

The switch box SK21 has designed only has 4 sections if iirc, my sprayer has 7 sections. I will not have a separate switch box, my sprayers original switchbox will still be in the tractor cab.

The PCB was almost complete from JLCPCB just had to solder the Ampseal socket the Grove socket and the Teensy ethernet header pins.

I am using SK21 rate controller from his original design. Don’t remember the version number however. It’s been absolutely awesome to use. Built for a 60ft sprayer, now running it on 100 ft pull behind. It’s extremely accurate, fast to adjust and easy/cheap to build. I have a Raven spray control monitor that I haven’t even used as this is integrated with my rtk AOG! Using Raven flow meter and raven control valve with 5 section control. Also use for planting 12 row electric shutoffs, in furrow fertilizer and air down force compressor. 16 relay board from amazon connected to the ic2 terminals. Has worked flawlessly for 2 full years now!


Awesome! Thanks for the info. I think I’m going to give it a try. I’ll have a raven control valve and flow meter as well.

Are you using a switchbox or just the on screen section on/off?

Am I right in thinking that I can go with the RC12_PCB to control my rate and receive flow meter data and then use the switchbox pcb for master switch, on/off section control and rate +/-? I would connect both via Ethernet to my display along with my RTK/steering board.

I like the teensy board but want a switchbox so I think the teensy board would duplicate the section control relays.

Sorry, just saw your reply. I’m using the RC8 pcb with the 16 relay board interlinked to it (super cheap). The main control pcb with master, rate +/-, manual/auto and the 4 boom control switches. This system works flawlessly and @SK21 has been a huge help with updates and add ons! I The section control doesn’t allow for manual switching sections on and off, but the screen control tabs do anyway. You can also program the sections customized to each of the 4 switches also. Put in more relays than needed, so you can wire n/o and n/c contacts on them and be able to utilize many different pieces of equipment to the same control box. I have 32 pin connector coming into my variable rate box and i’m utilizing every pin! There is no gps/rate controller on the market with this kind of control inputs and outputs!