Alternative to BNO085 or CMPS14 IMU

Adafruit is out of the BNO085 can’t find anyone with the CMPS14 in stock anywhere either. Is there another alternative? Thanks

You may give this a try. But I don’t have much experience with that yet.

That Arduino board may also be a good starting point to add one or two RTK receivers directly to the board and generate $PAOGI sentences in the future.

Edit April, 3rd: Can receive calibration commands via USB now e. g. sent from the modifed AgIO.exe.

Would the Fsm300 work without having to modify any code? It isn’t as cheap but appears similar to the bno085

Found and bought a CMPS14 on Aliexpress so hopefully it works

The FSM300 will work, it’s just a standard BNO080.

Only downside comparing to Adafruit version is it’s only 3.3v, no pull-up resistors and the pins a half hole things. But all this is not really much of a problem just things to note.

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You can preorder BNO085 for EUR 22,70 at mouser for 25.04.2022


4754 Adafruit | Mouser Austria

Did you receive it?

I ordered a cmps14 from Ali express on March 31, they shipped it on April 5th and I received it on the 12th. I ordered another one on May 2nd and it hasn’t shipped yet. Also have a bno085 on order from Mouser since April 28 and I’m not sure when it will show up.

Does this mean we do not have to solder the switch to the nano rp2040?

Which switch?

The switch to calibrate roll and heading like in your video.

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Yes, the switch can be replaced by that software.