AOG Autosteer Dual GPS PCB

Finished with the first version of autosteer plus dual F9P GPS with a single Teensy 4.1 micro controller.
Only bench tested at the moment. Still need to test the speed pulse output and the Danfoss valve controller. It is set up to use the Cytron MD13S drive as well.
The google drive link has the .json files for easyEDA and gerber plus a bunch of pictures of the parts with part numbers. I will try to get the part numbers in the schematic, but a lot are missing for now so use the pictures.
The Teensy ino is at ( under branches, feature/teensy
After download and unzip go to support, arduino modules, ino files, Autosteer_dualheading_teensy_v5_0.

All through hole components, so have to solder yourself. We may offer some prebuilt boards in the spring in the US.


How about just the PCB? Do my own order from jlcpcb?

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That’s what I have been doing. They are on new year, but are still making boards

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I know its the dual board, but perhaps it make sense to put on the terminals for bno085?

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Maybe on the next one. It was suggested by too many to remove it from this one.

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Perhaps a basic i2c bus / QWIIC connector ?

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New code for the Teensy will be updated on github shortly. Many bugs fixed. It has been tested in the tractor on this pcb, and works good.

The OP amp on the board will likely be switched for a different one. The TLC081IP lacks the voltage spread to react quickly on the Danfoss valve. The PCB will still be the same, only plug a different op amp in. It does look like the .1uF capacitor beside the Danfoss output will not be needed, just leave it off, and the 1k resistor will be switched out for a 330ohm resistor. Will updated later in the week after we have tested the new OP amp.
All-in-all the board works well. Should be no issues if anyone want to go ahead and order boards.

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So this board works via udp? And ntrip corrections can come via udp from agopengps? So many changes every year but this looks like a simple way to run dual.

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I use a radio modem connected directly to uart2 on F9P PVT so I don’t know about ntrip, but UDP works fine so should be okay. I spent quite a bit of time yesterday, driving and looking for faults. All that I tested worked well.


Can I use it with cmps14 sensor and single simpleRTK. Is it possible to use this card directly instead of a USB hub? My goal is to get rid of the USB hub.

This is just dual f9p with autosteer. It uses a single ethernet connection. If you want single with IMU, there is one in the works. RichardK is preparing it. I’m not sure what communication it uses though.

Got the ends cut today. Everything fit pretty well.
Probably not the most professional, but I just slid the board against the end plate and hot glued the track in the box. I was planning to use a small block of high density foam rubber but didn’t have anything handy.
The extra hole is for my RTK radio antenna.


I could not see the motor driver in the circuit. Are you going to place it in a different place?

Here is one with the drive mounted.

I am using a Danfoss valve, so don’t require the driver.
Sorry, I have my RTK radio over top of the drive mount holes


Autosteer end (4.7 KB)
Here is a DXF of the aluminum end plate cutout that I used.

I ordered from pcb. It will come from pcpvay. can i connect one f9p and run it? I have one f9p. there is also one cmps 14. I can connect with cmps14 external ardıno. Or can we connect it externally to this pcb.

We decided not to have a IMU since it is dual GPS. I would reccomend using another f9p. If you want to use single with IMU, @Richarklasens_admin has a very nice pcb with teensy

can i use single f9p without imu? I searched for pcb made by @Richarklasens_admin and couldn’t find it anywhere. friends probably didn’t.

I asked him about his board. There are some components he is waiting on. You can try mi e with one f9p, I think it will work, but there is no place to connect a imu.
I will forward any other PCB’s that will work for you. There are several boards being designed right now
Are you using ethernet or usb ? There is a board that is what you are looking for.

I can control them all from USB, my preference is USB. I bought ethernet shield working from USB. We have solved the ethernet problem indirectly.