AOG on Autosteer ready New Holland T6-175 year 2018

Finally made the connections in cab.
It is almost “birds nest” in box but it works.
PCB is v2 type.
Runs 2 USB out of box to USB hub at left side, then one USB over to PC at the right side.
Cable out of box is an old printer cable, the pins from the connector fits in the holes of X716, then hotglued after mounting and hold tight with cable ties.
Remote off is both done by pressure sensor and proximity sensor at the brake pedal.
The 6/2 valve called Auto guidance Dump solenoid is controlled from another ECU somewhere on tractor, probably by CAN message from original GPS (if it was there) But it is analog 12 V on wire 3168.
OEM WAS X335 wire 3120 is connected to X234 wire 3120 (leads to left side in cab X716 wire 3120) with a Y “cable” it gives 2,3 V at zero degree :slight_smile: They are both round with 4 pins, found in the generator/radiator area of tractor.
More pictures are coming, but have to translate my notes to English first, (should probably share with onedrive or the like).
Have to remake the potentiometer and transistor thing, as it was not in the pressure sensor range at first, hense the extra potentiometer at the far left end, with red and white wires to it.
And NO! the bno085 does not fit directly in the old mma port, I redid the leads on back side of PCB.


Great !
Where did you find the electrical picture ? I search for right arm electrical picture to control hydraulique lift, and some other things. :wink:

Payed for download, perhaps one like this. Over 3000 pages. StackPath
Maybe this one would be a better choice if I would get a new one.
Google this line: cnh t6 service manual

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Is the transistor thing for orbitrol pressure sensor? If I understood correctly, the potentiometer is used to select a triggering voltage from the pressure sensors 0-5V scale?

Glad to hear that the steering sensor worked with the Y-cable, as that’s exactly what I planned to do.

I’m trying to do the same thing with my case ih puma 230, its basically the same tractor with exactly the same wiring. I hope to get my project done in a few weeks.

I made an assembly on a maxxum cvx 120 predisposed to the guidance. I connected directly to the hydraulic valve. The left / right on the cytron, the manifold on a relay connected to pwm2 and the pressure sensor on the remote make a divider bridge with 2 resistance of 1k with transistor

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It is better to stay on the forum it will be useful to everyone

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Is there anybody else that use built in tractor WAS ? Because I connected A0 from ADS to signal on WAS and A1 to Ground on WAS and reading is good until I turn on autosteering motor. The reading of analog signal become unstable and its jumping… any guess? thanks…

the WAS on tractor (t6 165) is powered from ecu and it has +, signal, ground

You should check the range in the steer graph. Like you I can see spikes in the WAS reading when degree error between actual and desired is small (below 1 degree) if error is 10 degree you cant see the spikes any more. So when you activate steer motor then error goes close to 0 degree and you see the spikes.
I didn´t use the A1 connection (differential read)

Firstly I was using single read but the problem was same so I try differential but problem not solved…

The reading shows for example 1° but when I turn autosteer and motor start to drive, the angle start jumping from 30 to 40°

Then I think your “WAS” is not a real WAS but only a switch working only to turn off diff lock.

Check that voltage goes linear from around 0,5 V to around 4.5V steering all the way from left to right.

When you order a steer ready tractor it comes with a special front axce and WAS

Yees it works like potentiometer… I actually messured it and the voltage is stable even when my dc motor is driving… can it be caused by arduino connections? I don´t use pcb yet… im in beta testing my own schematic with wires… :smiley:

I am using the integrated was. You either have to feed it 5v from the pcb or create a 5v power supply from the battery. Its original power supply is unstable after the engine is turned on

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So maybe it is like this on a original autosteer system:
The schematic for CNH t6 tell 3 wires for WAS from NAVI GPS controller at X716, GND 5V and signal,
so the 5V from NAVI GPS controller is more stable than 5 V from tractor ECU, so maybe they either switch WAS connector from normal tractor WAS to Autosteer ready connector and then let CAN message tell when to turn off diff lock. Or they have a Y cable that make 5V and GND from NAVI GPS and then only 3120 (signal) to standard WAS (tractor ECU) input to make the diff lock turn off.
Edit : Maybe someone knows how was cabling is done on factory mounted Navi/GPS.
Edit 2: Thanks to CommonRail who help us in one of the next posts, we now know that original gps system probably use a better 5V regulator and send steer angle via CAN to other ECU´s on the tractor.
Both to control diff lock and open 12V power to wire 3168 which leads to the “Dump Solenoid” (6/2 valve).
Probably 2 different CAN messages!

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In NH or CASE I power the 5V sensors from PCB and I only give the tractor ECU a signal in parallel to the ads and it works very well.


I might end up just doing that. But have used all the wires between x716 and room at right cover just over floor. Will just use the 5v I have there for pressure sensor and y cable it to was sensor as well. And off course only signal wire to the tractor ECU

The factory gps when using it you unplug the WAS from tractor loom and connect to the GPS loom (the plugs are side by side)

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Yes transistor beside the potentiometer connects O on remote with GND, when signal from pressure sensor (adjusted by potentiometer) is high enough. I have a resistor on the line from sensor to avoid shorting the sensor when pot is at GND side, and protect transistor when potentiometer is at other side. Think 330 ohm would fit.(had a 2K ohm at first but too big )
Used 10K ohm potentiometer but 2 or 5 K could work as well.
The extra potentiometer (470 Ohm) in my box is instead of the 330 ohm resistor.

Edit 6. april 2021: Took some pictures with phone and uploaded 5 pictures of steer settings.
Not finetuned at all, just made sure 0 deg. was straight ahead, but the tractor does U-turn very well with those settings.
I am using PP (the word Stanley is visible in the Choose Type window)


Larsvest, could you share your steer settings? And maybe some feedback as well.

I’m having trouble with the fine tuning of the valve.

I will check Tuesday :slightly_smiling_face:

There are pictures (to download)of settings in the link above, see the edit upthere :slight_smile: