Auto disengage steering

Hi have create an autonomous module to désengage steering.

More info Will Come


I like it!! :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

if need something or i forgot something tell me

This is similar to the current implementation of ACS712 for breaking off a straight away in V5 .ino. Is your implementation compatible with u turn?

Currently experimenting with using a scaled absolute pwm percentage value as a multiplier to keep set point slightly above amps through entire U turn.

Very interested, a smooth disengage is the last on my checklist of must haves for AOG.

This module send signal to steer Pin like you push buttons or remote pin

do i need to make the modification on the md 13s cytron? wiring to avoid Cytron feedback?

Yes Cytron hack IS required all time

Before this hack was discovered , people used a relay to cut connections, when autosteer was off.

I also have new code floating around on here to keep the acs712 if equipped from disengaging in the uturn.

have a code too to change desengage value with a factor . depend of pwmdrive

I’m using AOG 5.6.15 an f the relay is working the whole time (on/off) when wired on PWM2 as suggested in the schematic. It works but I’m worried the relay is not going to last very long.

Does every setup work that way or did i come across a bug?

Why use a relay? It is not needed with a motor.

The min speed in the .ino is set to 0.1 (1 km) this can cause the relay to flicker like that.

Increase this speed is one option. When using the GPS outside it is normally not that bad.

I read in this post that with the cytron the relay is recommended. I’ll try to disconnect the antenna and use the stimulator.

Have you seen that modification to the Cytron? that is how to do it without the relay

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I used this schematic. Plus running the motor 24V. PCB V2.

I have read about the modification, now that you mentioned it. I’ll look into that. Thanks!

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Just removed the diode and the resistor. Now it doesn’t work in test mode anymore. Do i have to be drivng for that as well in order ger the motor to spin?

Yes, test doesn’t work.

The bottons don’t but what about when i use AOG? Steer is engaged, and there is a pwm output. Motor is not spinning.



Wiring NC to Pwm2 needed for this mod!!