Basics for building an autosteer

Good morning
I follow with interest this splendid forum and slowly I am learning to use AgOpenGPS (in the simulator).
I have already purchased the GPS card with RTK a UBLOX C099-F9P, configured and working via bluetooth.
The next step is to build me an autosteer, and here I ask you for help.
My idea as I have already written in another post is to put a second orbitol (power steering) in parallel with the existing one of the steering wheel (I already have the orbitol, and they are both without feedback, that is, they do not report on the steering wheel reactions of the wheels) .
My idea is to use a BLDC brusless motor of a hoverboard as I read in the post: Autosteer - Brushless Motor
on this forum.
This is because in addition to the minimal cost of these engines and the wide availability I think they are reliable and powerful.
Here begins the problem, I have little knowledge on programming and from the forum I can not understand many things !!!
This is why I ask for help from those who have already made this type of hardware, perhaps explained as to a child !!!
I think it could be useful to a lot of people!
I now have a computer with working software and connected GPS and with fixed RTK signal, if I understand a minimum, I connect to the PC an Arduino Uno for the signal of the position of the steering angle.
A second Arduino, for controlling the steering motor, which gives the signal to an ESC which powers the brusless motor.
A third Arduino for the control of the sections for the treatments.
Correct me if I say nonsense.
Forgive me if I start from the base but so everyone can understand, because reading the various posts I got a bit confused.
Thanks in advance to those who give me a hand.

Only one arduino nano for steer box, and another for section control is optional.

Best place to start is building a working pcb v2. In the support folder order the parts needed to build it as there is some lead time to get them.

Once you have a working stock AOG setup its easier to understand what can be modified.

Pcb v2 makes issues easy for the forum to troubleshoot.

Custom hardware using whats laying around the house is possible, but then has its own custom issues.

I understand , a question having already available an arduino uno, can I use it? second question is the PCB v2 needed or is it to simplify everything, forgive me but I thought we needed only arduino and electrical connections …

I understand , a question having already available an arduino uno, can I use it? >>> small (yes) to simulate and no for the card PCB V2…

price of nano from china under 5£$€ crazy world

second question is the PCB v2 needed or is it to simplify everything, >>> simplify you can do your board by your self

Yes the PCB simplifies things greatly. Also for troubleshooting it makes it easier to get help because most of us have a working board, and have a reference when giving help.

There is also extensive threads on adapting the V2 board to many different install configurations on this forum. Many hours of valuable reading available.

As the other guys have said, it’s all much easier and tidier with a PCB. I have a spare board you can have if that helps?

But yes, you can build the circuit with just the components, it’s just a bit untidy.

Building a system without PCB requires more advanced understanding of the whole system and is much more prone to error.

It’s cheaper and quicker with just the components though, especially if you’re unfamiliar with gerber, BOM, files, soldering, etc. Components, DuPont wires and some breadboards will get you going.

If you have the right skills and understanding, then yes, I agree that it’s definitely better all round to just build a PCB.

I intend to start creating my autosteer, to understand how everything works, I made a list of the components that I have to buy:
1 I2C 4-channel ADS1115 module for Arduino
1 MMA8452Q accelerometer
1 BNO055 9 axis IMU for Arduino
1 V4.20 MINI fsesc 4.20 50A ESC
1 BLDC brusless hoverboard motor
1 WAS sensor (ask for advice on what to buy)

I accept advice thanks!
I already have:
1 arduino uno
1 c099-f9p gps
1 orbitol

Don’t buy the MMA8452Q or BNO055 unless you deliberately want to run an older version of AgOpen. The latest standard version has moved on and uses either a BNO080, a BNO085, or CMPS14 instead.

I just checked in the latest v5.2.2 files and the PartsList.xlsx is still listing the MMA8452Q. doesn’t appear to be any mention though of the 055.

I would buy a couple extra ADS (they’re cheap)
The MMA is not used anymore
Don’t buy the BNO055, buy the BNO080 or BNO085 instead.

hello, a PCB would be useful, how many euros do you ask including shipping to Italy?

as im remenber

the PCB from china is not expensive ~10€ for 5 card ( cannot order less crazy world)

but the cost of transportation ~20€ and custom tax ~20€ are more than the PCB

if you know somebody to share or offer to you a PCB it is better

Sorry for the late reply.

I can send you a bare PCB for free if you want one, just send me your address.


thank you very kind, I will pay you at least the shipping costs with PayPal!!!

Zuiani Luciano
Via Cormons,171
33043 Cividale del Friuli (UDINE) Italy

Don’t worry about the postage.

I’ll get this posted to you when I visit the post office tomorrow. Do you need any components, or can you get these?

honestly apart from the gps i have nothing i am starting to put the components together …

I don’t have spares for everything, but have included:

All the diodes you need
Rails / headers
Relay socket

You need to order:

Cytron controller
IC DIP sockets (PN: 1212-1002-ND)
optoiso (PN: 4N33VS-ND)
Terminal blocks
A pack of 330OHM resistors
12V relay

and you should be good to go.

honestly you do me a favor, if you send me the components you have, but you tell me how much I owe you … I will get the rest thanks !!!

I posted these yesterday, you should receive them on Tuesday. Can you get the other components?

I don’t want anything for this, but perhaps you can buy the guys a coffee? :slight_smile: