Beta Test of v4.61 NEW update! (report Bugs Only please)

Download the Zip from Github, unzip it, then there is a zip called, unzip that to your desktop, run AgOpenGPS.exe. Enjoy!!

Certainly post any bugs or comments. As far as new features, have to be realistic that spring is upon us, but good ideas are certainly welcome.

So many contributed to this work - would not have happened without the devotion of the community. To them go the high fives.

Now - pick it apart and find the bugs! Also a brief instructional video:


Great, you did not forget to put a robot, thank you very much.

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I gave it a quick try, love it!
Just a suggestion, couldn’t we put a more precise distance setting for the U-turns? meter by meter is a lot.
On this subject if you lower the first value (distance from the boundary) to 0, it puts 0.1, and now you increase it is 1.1, 2.1, 3.1 …


If only all the world would use metric :frowning:

But very true, by meter is too much

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@BrianTee_Admin and the team thanks very, very much to do all this work! :+1::muscle:

I hope to find some time to test in the next few days :wink:

It pretty much does apart from the US and a couple of small third world countries.

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Does it work with cmps?

what a change! a little confusing at the start I have not really tested but I find that the visual indication of the activation of the automatic guidance and the uturn lacks visibility and I regret the disappearance of the steering adjustment graph if not the regrouping its functions simplify things. again well done and thank you for all this work

Same for me, can you write the code with centimeters, please ? (for U turns)

Looks really cool.
But one thing I don´t understand.
I created a boundary curve. But it has a gap.
Do you know whats the reason?

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Zooming in and out with the fingers seem to me that is working in reverse

Worked once
Touch the straight ab line after resuming or starting a new field.
It was working, but I had some numbers wrong in my vehicle setup, so I opened it while in an open field and tried to change turn radius.
Now it does this when
Thought the left right offset was tread width.
Changed it and its good

Understandable, you’re right

I would prefer a “save” button here. Would be more clear.


I think the Field done calc is wrong.
I just moved outside the field, but it incremented the Done value

It keeps track of the work you do, not whether you are inside the boundary

What does “free till 15 March” mean? Will there be a licence fee coming?

6000 euro :slight_smile:


$9200AUD!! Outrageous. I expect you fellas to spend the hours on end pulling your hair out while programing to provide me with some cool software for free Hahaha. But seriously even at that price its still 1/3 the cost of a brand name rtk system with section control and end of row u turn