Beta Test of v4.6 - (Feature requests only please)

Another question:
Is this option implemented:
Start at the outest boundary curve. Then tractor moves along this boundary curve,
When it is finished, it goes one step inside, to the next inner boundary, and the traktor moves at this next inner boundary curve.

That would fit perfect to my requirement

Nope. Turn off autosteer, move one pass inside, hit autosteer.

Maybe in future releases (v5) but it hasn’t a big priority atm

I think it would be better to save the work tools separately
If they went to a device and found a better steering setting, I have to overwrite each device!
sorry for english

Well… we discussed very much about this… the thing is that, when doing different types of work, you probably need some different settings to in gain control and/or steering algorithms. Like having a offset mower, just a seeder or maybe front implements who do a lot of force to the tractor.

For now all settings remain in one configuration. Best to do all the big settings good at the first time like antenna height, wheel base, and a good centered WAS and Counts / degree. From there you probably change a lot of settings with different types of work/field.

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So where did the machine settings go during the U-turns?
Mon imageMon imageMon imageMon image

Gone gone gone.

ok, what is the future of the control machine? Is it deleted from the project?

No future. what do you need it to do?

we have the automatic uturn, if there is nothing to activate the hydraulic or the rewashing, for me the uturn is no longer useful !!

I use it to trigger the functions necessary for lifting the tools
you can see here: Canbus on fendt s4 - #11 by Tooki57.
How are you going to trigger the hydraulic lift?

use the headland, the other option is to continue using 4.3

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Hyd lift with the headland feature works great. Just try it. You can set the headland exactly where you want it. Even move the headland in on just one side of field. Very versatile.

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ok i will try .

I have a suggestion,
An audible alarm in addition to the visual for the loss of RTK. AOG works so well that I have confidence in it and often it is not in front of the screen so if I have to lose RTK I only know when the tractor starts to drift.


The uturn control thing was an absolute nightmare of code everywhere, it worked, but wow was a mess. In theory it should have been a lot simpler to do, but anything to do with uturn seldom is.

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I have one wish for the new version: Please bring back overlap area calculation.
Since 3.09 I miss that very much. I don`t use boundaries at all fields and have a lot overlapping, eg when I mow Grasland and work for another farmer. I never really know how much area I did in real.

But I am already nervous like a child before christmas about the new version. :star_struck:


that was pretty handy - but it smoked lower power machines. I should try that again - it was sooooo handy


I think it is not bug and i probably miss the usage.

What is the purpose of this icon (before it was steering icon )


I think its a window to all of our souls!!!

It was supposed to be a drive to the flag button, but alas, never enough time. i should just hide it.

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