Can i use existing RTK radio signal for my openag?

Hi all

Very novice at all of this. I have a factory autosteer tractor running on RTK which is provided from a friends base station via Satel radio. Another friend has built me a section control box for use with my JD 512 sprayer and its Teejet 844 derived box.
My question is - can i utilise the radio RTK with my openag section control system or do I have to build my own base station?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There is some hope of using the Satel radio connected to an AOG system, but you’ll be in uncharted waters. It won’t be very beginner friendly and not having full control of the base config doesn’t help at all.

You can make your own base station following how-to guides for around $500 USD. That’s an F9P, antenna, pi or xbee radio, enclosure, odds and ends.

I believe the question was about Satel radios, not satellite radios? You can feed the RTK correction signal to your GNSS receiver via a serial port just like many here are doing with Digi XBee radios.

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Autocorrect, my mistake.


Or other option I thought (as my friend moving towards sim cards on newer machines so signal might not be there forever) was to (and correct me if I’m wrong please) bulid a base station using an Ardusimple F9P board with an Ardusimple ESP32 attached to create my signal through RTK2GO? I have unlimited data on my phone and always in 4G coverage.

Yup, you can do that.

I’d build it with a Raspberry Pi instead of an ESP32. Then you can host your own caster and not rely on RTK2GO.

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Thanks for that. So being a real tech virgin, how would I go about that please?

See this:

There is a tutorial video too from andyinv (link in that thread).

This one too:

Ardusimple have some setup guides for their products.

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