CanBus for Beginners - Super Simple

AOG V 5.5. and I’m not using any UDP devices so far. All UDP networking should be off in settings :thinking:

Hello Alan,
I like the structure!
Drive you with the single antenna and BNO-080 instead of e.g. Topcon Agi4 via Can-Bus?
Is there a wiring diagram for this?
I would also like to install it on my Fendt 716SCR.
Sorry I use google translator!

Yes Alan is driving with AgOpen, single antenna & BNO. Is your tractor ready to steer via CAN?

Do you have any CANBUS Arduino boards? Best is to use a Teensy4.1 and 3 CANBUS ports on the Fendts

Something here should help you:

Thank you for the information!
My Fendt 716 SCR currently has a Topcon Agi4 mounted and would like to trade it to Agopengps.
I already got your Teensy PCB from a user who is also willing to help me.
Thank you! Great job you did!

Hello, are you using pins G and B on the CNH diagnostic socket?
If yes G is can h or can l?


B and G pin on diagnostic connector are used to entry in HH menù, is not canbus

The socket behind the seat:

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Sorry I made a mistake.
Is it C and D or H and J?
I just saw the message from CommonRail, thanks ! :partying_face:

I have used a cable like this, that can be plugged directly to the diagnostic socket and the other end to MCP-module rs232 port. All fine, except that the j1939 plug does not seem to fit perfectly at least to Valtra S4-series (need to grind some plastic probably). But works and connects the right pins without anything special made. Arduino UNO+W5500 Ethernet+MCP+Sensor board for easy extra connections makes a nice shield sandwich before migrating to Teensy. No cables other than power, ethernet and rs232. Stay in USB and even more simple.

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The tractor was urgently needed for sowing corn with a working autoster, so I quickly installed the PWM valve and replaced the factory steering sensor because it turned out that it does not work well in agopen and the tractor runs well. I gave the agopen-can box to a colleague who put it in an identical NH T7 (they bought it practically at the same time from the same dealer) and it runs very well, even without calibrating the valve and without having to pay special attention to AGOPEN settings. So it seems that the first NH had a problem with either the valve or the steering sensor, which also did not work well with the PWM valve. If there is more time, I will examine it more thoroughly, while the tractor works on PWM.

The CMPS14 need a slight correction in the code in the main ino


     //the heading x10
    data[5] =; 
    data[6] =;

should be

    //the heading x10
    data[6] =; 
    data[5] =;

Other than that it seems to work, I’m only at a testing stage

Has anybody connected to a JCB fastrac ?
I’m wondering how many CAN buses need to be connected and which CAN circuits are picked up where. I have a Trimble ready system so there are connectors with CAN on them behind the passenger seat. I’ll try to connect them to V-bus and see if I can pick anything up.

I have used AOG on a FastTrack 4220. Easy to connect to steering canbus and that all you need. Either use the canbus in the nav controller connector you say behind the passenger seat or the steering can terminator (3pin deutsch connector) is under the panel where the park brake lever is.
The teensy code from tony @CommonRail has all you need to steer these.

I now run a can bus system on my 4220 using the code ( and much help ! ) from Tony @CommonRail too.
Using an Arduino UNO and shield works brill. Only two wires I have connected to the tractor ( other than power) are can high and can low which are connected into the DS3 Deutsch diagnostic connector. Assuming you are going to use an Ardusimple and Ublox antenna then I would suggest you forget the ‘Trimble ready ‘ stuff.
I have a separate button that i added to the joystick for on/ off and have to have the GPS button on right hand pillar on. The JCB encoder on the steering wheel knocks it off too!

Thanks RGM and Rikko , I will use the DS3 connector as you guys have.

Tony’s code and PCB make for such a simple install.
Is the code going to brought into the main program, soon ?

No idea about the code integration. I can tell you the PIN numbers for can l and can h if you need.

You can configure the engage on one of the four joystick buttons or the headland management button in the jcb screen and then this engages AOG, saves trying to add another button.

Hi RGM - I was already using all the buttons so had to add another !

Yea that can be the case. Not enough buttons on the joystick to do everything you want.

Hi. I’m about to get my claas axion 870 with cebis running with the canbus pcb and have a few questions. You mentioned that it’s possible to use headland management via can. How do you connect the pcb to do that? I have 3 connection on my pcb, do you use one of them?