CanBus for Beginners - Super Simple

That scanner code can’t be ran on the Teensy at the same time as AOG - it’s one or the other. Just use the Arduino IDE while you have the scan sketch loaded and monitor through that.

Yes,it was the only place I could see a baud rate.

please take a picture of your setup

had the john deere mechanic here today and immediately asked about canbus. he didn’t really want to tell much about it because I don’t think he knew it all himself. but he said that there were probably 4 canbus systems in it.

  1. vehicle - CANBUS. - LOW 2.38v HIGH 2.38v
  2. implement - CANBUS - LOW 2.52v HIGH 2.52v
  3. gps - CANBUS
  4. armrest operation - LINBUS - 8v and used 1 wire for communication.

maybe you can do something with this information

From what I can tell the GPS system uses the implement bus. In fact even though there are two CAN bus pairs in the harness from the pillar to the monitor, only one of those is required to make the monitor, GPS, and autosteer function. And if you have the isobus terminator on the back of the tractor fail, GPS and steering fail as well.

Also the monitor displays tractor information like fuel flow and ground speed (from the transmission or radar system), so somewhere in the cab a ECU is picking up tractor information from the vehicle bus and dumping it on the implement bus.

The SSU must be on both the implement and vehicle buses somehow. It refuses to engage steering if the transmission shifts into neutral, etc. Some day I’d like to spend some time figuring out the messages to the SSU. Would be wonderful to plug in AOG and have it drive a Deere via CAN.

On my 7920 I know the armrest (ACU) communicates with the rest of the tractor over CAN as well. Not sure which bus this would be. Not the implement bus.

hello, does anyone know these sockets on an NH T7 290HD which is pre-fitted.
Is it possible to hook up there ?


Did you manage to find the Canbus?

Which wires did you use?


I’m not sure this is the right thread, but my question concerns CANbus.
I want to send PAOGI over CANbus from my DualAntenna PCB to a CANBus to UART transceiver.
The hardware is working, the only remaining part is the software to act as a proxy between the UART to CANBus.
Does any have the code to parse the PAOGI and send it over CANbus?