CanBus for Beginners - Super Simple

Where did you connect to the Lindner? Checked the OBD-Port behind the seat, it carries the J1939 bus, but nothing steer-related.

Vehicle : Lindner Lintrac 130
Plug : to the right of the seat
CAN Configuraton : 250 kBaud, J1939, ExtendedID(29-bit)
CAN Messages
From Wheel Angle : 0x0CACF013
To Steering Valve : 0x0CAD13F0
From Engage Button : 0x0CEFF021

Hello @CommonRail for John Deere steer ready and other OEM that need unlock to do steer ready. i have solved the mystery. John deere are with some models using the Danfoss PVED valve.

the valve, the angle sensor and sasa sensor is connected to the controller.
it is possible to bypass the oem unlock by connecting directly to the OSPE controller.

have a great day.

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but do you use CAN BUS? Or do you connect each thing separately to AOG like we currently do?

Yes that is possible, we do it just like that sometimes by changing the parameters in the PVED-CL controller and say “hey listen to me not them”.

I haven’t seen this valve on JD tho and newer Agco brands also dont use this controller so this setup is very limited

Hey Everyone
Ive got a S4 Fendt 924 here trying to do a canbus gps system running all off of teensy panda system with the 3 canbus lines
i have it so its all connected in ag io but cant get it to steer it seems as though the K bus line is sometimes working as the bottom right goes yellow when it is press but sometimes it doesnt if i plug in an arduino with the steering code on that i can steer the tractor if i select the arduino on the steering wheel in ag io along side with the teensy panda setup.
i am using 3 SN65HVD230 can transceivers
can reader on output to v bus doesnt seem to have any activity
there is k bus and iso bus messages.
sorry if this is confusing to try to understand

Thanks for the information.
Unfortunately, I don’t have that connector there. Guess it has to be a normal motor