Can't connect PCB to laptop via USB

Hi everyone.
I have this problem. Trying to set up a Kaupoi 4.1 with an Arduino Nano clone. Can’t make it communicate with Agio.
Device manager recognize ‘usb serial ch340’ and assigns it a com port.
Downloaded Arduino Ide 1.8.19 and Teensy 1.5.7. Downloaded latest board release from Github.
Uploaded ArduinoModules/USB/Autosteer_USB_v5/Autosteer_USB_v5.ino. Upload seems successful. Red light on on the Arduino when uploading. Yet when I go back to Agio and try to connect via USB the autosteer (com port 5 properly selected), the icon stays grey. If I go to the serial monitor and connect there I get no messages whatsoever.
Tried both with tablet and laptop. No differences.
What am I missing? Thanks

And you have closed Arduino ino, to make sure it does not occupy the com port, preventing another program to take over?

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Ah yes, thank you. I forgot to mention. I get no error message at all. The few times I forgot to close the Ide, then I would get a message in Agio. In this case I get no messages, nothing. Just that it says grey and doesn’t go green as if I didn’t install the firmware.
Also in the serial monitor of the Ide, just after flashing the Arduino, I get no messages, nothing.

Did you use old bootloader?

Yes. Old bootloader. The upload process seems fine. Verbose mode on and no errors at all. I’ve attached a pic with the serial port windows which as far as I know should show messages of the arduino.

I am using UDP now, but what is your baud speed set at. And you have not enabled UDP (green internet connector)
I have no other ideas !

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Thank you for your help. Yes, UDP disabled. Basically I get the exact output as your picture. Baud set at 38400 in serial monitor.
I know I am doing a silly mistake here. Can feel it

Try to set baud at 38400 at the gps (click connect even if no gps connected)

no luck

Back to upload to nano!
Took a new Nano clone out!
While uploading both RX and TX blink (differently)
After upload done TX constantly blinks (little weak though)
And Power led lights fully

yes.when uploading RX stays red (fixed, not blinking), after upload TX very weak green blinks. Power led always on. L led just flashes once between compiling and uploading.
Couldn’t try with a new arduino as this is the only one I have. Guess I need to try with a new one.

It seems your Nano should work but another would be good try testing.
I know you have a data cable, else you could not get this far, BUT try another known working USB data cable.

Already tried sadly. Also tried different ports, both USB and USB-C on the laptop/tablet side. Is there a way to see if the Arduino is faulty?

Now unplug nano from pcb and try connecting again. Even without pcb autosteer should go green.

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ok this is wizardry. It went green as soon as i unplugged it. So far works. Can I plug it back now?
BTW I tried a million times this morning. Tried to plug/unplug. tried laptop and tablet with different cables.
What Have I been doing wrong all this time? Seriously, need to know the sequence just in case i need to reupload the firmware (hopefully not though)
Also, thank you so much sir, you’re a lifesaver. Couldn’t thank you enough

Recheck your pcb first. There have been issues with some nano if they get power (don’t remember if before or after ) getting power from pcb. Something with usb chip on nano.

It doesn’t work when plugged into the pcb in fact. As soon as I put it back the AGIO steer icon goes red and stays red when I try to reconnect. Again, when I take it out, goes back green. It seems to work only when not connected to pcb. Need to buy anew Nano?

Unplug ads 1115 and try.
Measure your pcb voltage. Both of 5v.
Fdti problem here.

Ok, I’ve been looking into that issue. For me it’s a bit different. Tried today several times,powering the PCB first and then plugging the usb, other way around, several reuploading of the autosteer v5 ino file.
The only way to connect the autosteer via Agio is to unplug the Arduino Nano from the PCB, in that case it works, as soon as I put it back on the PCB, it disconnects.

Before I enter the core of the issue I have one silly question, I forgot to mention it earlier. On the PCB I had a problem: i power the PCB with a 3 pin switch (one on c1, the other on on, one pin unused). At first I was told that I could use the same 3 pin switch as the autosteer switch (i read on here that I could use the central pin to 0 and the lateral one on common/ground), but that way I kept blowing fuses, so I had to remove it altogether and now I have just the main switch on/off left on the board with no switch for the autosteer. May it be the reason for the autosteer not connecting?

Blew my ads 1115 up today, same symptoms with the arduino