Case maxxum

I have a doubt with a maxxum from 2017. Is the angle sensor used to disengage the front axle?
So it is powered.
Why on connector X716, behind the passenger seat, I can’t find any voltage between wires 3100 (stering sensor +5v) and 3140 (stering sensor ground)

Is your tractor steer ready? If so there is a plug close to radiator at front right. Make a Y cable to connect between the WAS connector close by . Like fivefinnishfarmers show for his Puma. That way you get signal to plug 716 Case IH Puma 230, autosteer ready.

There’s also info in this thread. AOG on Autosteer ready New Holland T6-175 year 2018

I saw this discussion, but I don’t see a pending connector to the right of the radiator. This tractor was equipped with autosteering by the previous owner.

If it is not factory mounted, then noone other than previous owner know the wiring routing.
Does the tractor still have valves mounted?
Or wires to top of roof (back end center)?
The original wires on the T6 175 I worked with, had wiring going from front right, up to valves at top of engine, then down and in at left side of cabin. Crossed the flor under carpet to right side and turned backwards and connected to plugs , behind the cover at your right knee. Under that cover you should also find the 3 secuity relays. And from there wiring continues to plug x716

Theres a good chance that 4ws disengage sensor is goosed, they wasn’t very reliable in the early stages. There is a plug beside the engine and the front suspension connects to the same loom. Theres someone in another thread trying to use this sensor but not having any luck either

The sensor disengages the front axle, I checked.

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Everything is original. The hydraulic valves and cables at the top of the cabin are there.

With no original steer unit, there is not 5v at 3100 at x716. In my post you find this text! OEM WAS X335 wire 3120 is connected to X234 wire 3120 (leads to left side in cab X716 wire 3120) with a Y “cable” it gives 2,3 V at zero degree

Try to check 3120 at x716 , of course with engine running :grinning:
Edit: with no steer unit, they must reconnect the standard wiring, to feed the WAS with 5v. When steer unit is connected 5v to WAS comes from 3100 at x716. And the y cable connect only signal to standard plug. I suspect they have removed/disconnected the y cable, at the time autosteer was removed.

Do you need to activate the steer ready option in the diagnostic h menu

I understand better, I’ll check it as soon as possible.

That’s right, there is no Y cable.
The connectors were at the front of the right engine cradle.
The wheel angle sensors and the axle height sensor are connected to the same harness attached to the radiator.
The harness that goes behind the passenger seat and attached to the right of the engine.
I need to find the connectors and make the Y

who used the 3185 wire from the x716 connector (auto guidance remote engage)?

First connection to the tractor.
The reception looks ok.
I need to invert right/left IMU but I haven’t found it.
The problem is that I don’t have 5v was (between terminal 1 and 3), the 5v was led is on.
What did I forget?

I understand my mistake, power supply was between 1 and 4, signal in 2.
For the pressure sensor how did you do it?