Claas Axion 800 motorised steering wheel

Has anyone installed motorised steering wheel onto a recent (2020) claas axion.

Looking to fit AOG to it but the instrument binnacle is very close to the wheel and there are no easily visible hard mounting points (it’s all covered in plastic.

Was hoping someone had done the hard work before I start stripping down the steering column to work out a solution.

Hello! I have installed MDU-G4 motorised steering system for our Axion 810 from year 2015 and it also had problems with space limitation.

I decided just to remove the plastic cover from the top, so then there was just enough spacefor such a system. The screen and whiskers all ok, but wires are visible, which I don’t see as a problem.

I do that for Axion 810 (2018) :

20210221_121954 20210221_122009

Remove the flywheel, we can use the 3 screws with a thin sheet and make a support that goes down.

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That’s fantastic! Thanks!

Do you have the stl files for the 3d printed gears?

Stefan use a good idea it is starter gear of ride on mower
like this

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What is the motor of the mdu-g4?

Here are the specs of the MDU-G4 motor. Looks custom made for this by the OEM manufacturer.

Pinout really similar to the Chinese motors and it is there laid out in clear Finglish. Could be used directly from AOG pcb, as wants just 12V, ground and speed + dir signals at minimum. Ecu-S1 calibrates the steering system and compass with some 3-6 km/h slow speed manouvering + circles. There is no WAS, so they must read the integrated tachometers. On the MFU-G4 circuit board (or it he ECU-S1 main unit) is also current measuring device that is set to disengage the steering.

The last photo also shows the guts of a Fieldbee L2 receiver. F9P + ESP32 + reservation for memory card (or SIM?!), battery, radio and so on. Possible to connect with U-Center over serial (not the same that sends NMEA to ECU-S1).