CMPS14 damaged from soldering

Somehow I have damaged one of my two CMPS14 from Robot Shop by removing the pin header and putting it on the other side of the pcb so that it works to plug into my modified KaupoiMod pcb.

If I run an I2C scanner on the Nano with only the CMPS14 connected, it finds nothing with the damaged one and it finds a device on addr 0x60 with the working one. The damaged one also does not blink the onboard LED.

Can’t see anything wrong.

No idea where to probe onboard to see if it’s a connection issue at the pin header, the only info I find is the pdf on robotshop’s site which doesn’t include a schematic.

How do you connect them to nano?

For testing? Like this.

So you have 2 different connectors, or do you change wires when shifting to another bno085?

Edit : forget the question, as I now see it is possible to turn connector the right way for both.

Could the 3.3 volt regulator be broken? Any chance of measuring?

I’m only testing my two cmps14 boards with this jumper, one plugs in from the bottom and the other from the top. The unchanged one works, the other doesn’t.

The LDO is outputting 3.3V

Could also be a “cold” solder connection. Try to heat the pin nr 1 and nr 6 until solder melts (by heating the pin only)

I reheated the pins, no change.

Check the GND pin (6). Maybe via is riped out…
It should be connected to pin 14 of F18325 IC…

I doubt soldering killed the board. But it’s entirely possible a stray electrostatic discharge while handling the board could have done it. I’ve killed things this way before.

Thanks for that info. Do you have access to a schematic? That would help me to diagnose it.

I’ll check it out next week.

The F18325 IC has 4.66 V from pin 1 to 14 (USB voltage, same as pin 1 & 6 on the connector). The vReg has 3.3V right at the regulator so I think ground and power are connected. I’m thinking that even if the other connections had ripped paths/vias it should still light the LED at power up like the working cmps14 does.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a schematic, F18325 is PIC16F18325.
According CMPS14 datasheet, LED blink (Pin 5 of PIC controls the LED) on startup and show I2C adress.
Chek MODE pin, it should be VCC (I2C mode)

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According to the diagram, the PIC16F18325 IC provides the i2c connection, one end of the LED is connected to LDO (5volt), the other end is connected to the other end of the LED with a resistor from pin 5 of the integrated, 18325 seems to be broken.image

Where do you get your cmps14 documentation? Mine doesn’t include that info.
cmps14.pdf (230.5 KB)



If you are good at soldering, you can try to remove pic16f (If you are sure it is faulty) and wire i2c lines and talk directly with the bno08x chip …

Interesting idea…